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Expand Your Direct Mail Reach with Dynamic Addressable Geofencing image

Geofencing and Direct Mail

One of the most important things to understand about your marketing strategy is that, for the best results, all of the various techniques you're using should feed into and empower one another, coming together to form something more important than any one of them could be on their own. This means that in the modern era, the key to the best response rate AND the best ROI rests in true cross-platform marketing in every sense of the term. One of the best ways to accomplish THAT involves dynamic addressable geofencing, a technique that itself brings with it a number of core benefits that can't be ignored. Why Dynamic Addressable Geofencing Makes All the Difference By now, you're probably already using techniques like ...

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The Impact of Using Direct Mail to Boost Online Purchases image

Online Retailers

While it's absolutely true that more and more people are engaging with brands over the Internet these days, that doesn't mean that direct mail is dead - far from it. In fact, even if you operate a business exclusively online, there are still a wide array of different benefits that the right direct mail campaign can bring to the table that would be difficult to replicate through other means. Leveraging Direct Mail to Your (Online) Advantage One of the most important benefits of executing a thoughtfully constructed direct mail campaign ultimately comes down to what it can do for your response rate. According to one recent study, about 67% of millennial parents and 53% of millennials in general say that they're ...

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Where Influencer Marketing Fails, Analytics-Driven Direct Mail Prospers image

Influencer Marketing

There are a lot of people out there who insist that influencer marketing is all the rage these days. Rather than conducting a thoughtfully constructed, forward-thinking direct mail campaign of your own, all you really have to do is partner with the right influencer and you can harness their built-in audience to your advantage. Sounds easy, right? In a best case scenario, it is - but what those people WON'T tell you is that it's a lot harder to get to this point than you might think. Therefore, when influencer marketing fails, it's critical for you to understand that an analytics-driven direct mail campaign can prosper in a wide array of different ways, all of which are more than worth exploring. A ...

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Digital Marketing Alone Isn’t Enough… Think Omni-Channel For Results image

Omni-channel Marketing

Some people operate under the assumption that, since so much of our lives are digital these days, our marketing needs to become the same. Direct mail is meaningless in a world where everyone is carrying around smartphones all day long. Simply put, those people are wrong. Digital marketing has its benefits, but it alone is not enough to get this particular job done - nor will it ever be, for a number of reasons that are certainly worth exploring. Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Marketing By far, the biggest hurdle you have to overcome in terms of digital marketing success has to do with the fact that people's attention is more fractured than ever these days. We're being bombarded by marketing messages at ...

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Making an Impact With Direct Mail for Your Non-Profit image

Non-Profit Marketing

When people think about getting the word out about non-profit organizations, they probably don't have the term "marketing" immediately jump into their heads. But they should, because what is fundraising if not marketing from a different perspective? Indeed, if you truly want to make direct mail work for your non-profit, there are a few key techniques you can start using right away. Taking Advantage of the New Era of Non-Profit Marketing By far, one of the most critical steps you need to take as a non-profit to improve your fundraising capabilities involves diversifying as much as possible. Yes, direct mail is a powerful tool and plastic postcards rule the day. But don't overlook the opportunities that cross-media marketing brings with it. You ...

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Reaching Millennials with Direct Mail image

It doesn't matter what type of business you're running or even what industry you're operating in - if you had to make a list of all your current priorities, "making a deeper connection with millennial audience members" should unquestionably be right at the top. Not only are there a massive number of millennials in the United States, but more and more of them are entering the workforce every year. This means that one day soon, they're going to eclipse their elders as the generation with the most amount of buying power. If you can hook them today you can hook them forever - which is why reaching millennials with direct mail is something you'll absolutely want to explore. The Power of ...

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Make Your Agency More Efficient With True White Label Marketing image

To say that advertising has become an increasingly competitive industry over the last few years is, at this point, probably a little bit of an understatement. Not only are more and more brick and mortar agencies popping up on a regular basis, but the Internet and digital marketing have essentially opened the doors to a sea of veritable competitors that can be difficult to fend off - even for established brands. However, all hope is not lost. If you're truly looking for a way to make your advertising agency more efficient, white label marketing is an opportunity you'll want to explore for a number of key reasons. The Art of White Label Marketing: Breaking Things Down The major benefit of white label ...

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How to Help Digital and Direct Mail Work Together image

A lot of people incorrectly assume that when it comes to digital and direct mail marketing, you're looking at an "either/or" affair. The fact of the matter is, this just isn't true - particularly as far as your response rate and larger return on investment are concerned. Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, you can effectively combine the might of these two techniques and wield both to great impact at the exact same time. Of course, this does require you to keep a few key things in mind. Building a Better Cross-Platform Marketing Strategy Facebook is more than just one of the most popular social media platforms in existence - it's also a powerful opportunity to use ...

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Using Integrated Marketing to Build Value and Loyalty image

If you had to sum up the overall goal of your marketing campaign in a single word, that word would undoubtedly be "branding." Yes, you want to get the word out about your products and services. But you also need to get people to feel a real, tangible, intimate connection with the company BEHIND those offerings. To that end, integrated marketing is a perfect chance to build both brand value and customer loyalty in a number of different ways, all of which are worth exploring. What is Integrated Marketing? Breaking Things Down At its core, the idea behind integrated marketing (also commonly called cross-platform marketing) is clear: you're attempting to meld all aspects of your marketing together into a single cohesive message ...

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Why Choose Between Print and Digital When You Can Link Both Together? image

Oftentimes, even seasoned marketing veterans can sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they have to pick between print and digital when it comes to their collateral. In reality, that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, it's possible to take the unique personalization opportunities presented by the former and help them meaningfully inform the latter. This type of cross-media marketing happens all the time - you just need to keep a few key things in mind. Digital Advertising and Direct Mail Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven Think for a moment about all of that incredible customer information you've already collected through digital CRM tools. There's no reason why that has to exist solely in the digital OR the ...

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