What is Dynamic Addressable Geofencing?

Dynamic Addressable Geofencing technology allows DynamiCard to increase the impact of your direct mail campaigns by serving online ads on multimedia devices to the very same households receiving your direct mail postcards. This increases awareness of your brand and boosts engagement of your direct mail campaign by serving online ads shortly before, while, and after your mail is delivered.

Addressable Geofencing

Build a Multi-Media Awareness

We use Geofencing technology to deliver your direct mail and online ads to the exact same audience!

Trackable & Measurable Results

Using GPS data we can track which phones that were served ads actually visited your business!*

Very Affordable & Easy Execution

We do all the work for you while you watch your marketing campaign’s response and ROI skyrocket!

Geofencing Locations

How Does Addressable
Geofencing Work?

Geofence locations are set based on the addresses on your mailing list. Each home is geofenced individually based on plat data. Phones and other digital devices that are using location services within the property boundaries will be identified and entered into a pool of eligible devices for your online ads to be served. Your business can then be set as a conversion zone to identify phones or devices that were served an ad and consequently visited your business.*

How Do We Track Addressable
Geofencing Conversions?

When phones and digital devices are using applications that have locations services, such as Google® Maps, Facebook, or 1000s of others, the device ids will be collected. When those devices are viewing mobile sites or using apps that are ad supported, we are then able to serve them with your online ads. These ads can link directly to a specific promotional page on your website, and even be customized to serve different geofences where an individual may travel. Finally, when that same phone or device enters your business and uses an app with location services, it will automatically register as a conversion.*

Mobile Ads
*Actual conversions are likely greater than reported conversions since some customers may not have location services active on their phone or device when they enter your business.
Geofencing Technology

Dynamic Addressable Geofencing
Makes All the Difference

As opposed to IP Address Targeting which only has 25% – 40% coverage, Addressable Geofencing ensures nearly 100% coverage since the online ads are served to EVERY home on your mailing list. Additionally, Addressable Geofencing can be served to ALL digital devices, regardless of how they are connected to the Internet… no hard-wired connection required! And monthly reporting will show trackable results of your Addressable Geofencing campaigns with a lower cost per impression compared to IP Address Targeting.

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