Q: How long does it take for plastic postcards and direct mailers to arrive in-homes?

The process of us building and executing a campaign typically takes 1 – 1 ½ weeks to complete. Once completed the post office will take 4-10 days to deliver your mailers to homes. Allowing 2-3 weeks is a good guideline. For orders over 25,000 the turn time may take longer.  Plastic postcard mailers with extra features such as scratch-offs or mag stripes also require additional time to produce.

Q: Can I use the term "Gift Card" even though this is really a coupon?

DynamiCard distributes ‘promotional plastic gift cards‘. This is different from gift cards which you purchase. Meaning no cash was ever paid for it. Per California Department of Consumer Affairs, “There are many exceptions to the gift card laws. They don’t cover bank cards which can have lots of fees attached. Also, they don’t apply to promotional gifts or those given away for charitable purposes or for perishable foods.”
(see this source HERE for more info)

Q: Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations made at least 7 days before press date will be charged a cancellation fee equal to your set-up fee + 10% of the printing price. Cancellations may not be made within 7 days of manufacture date.

Q: How much will the postage cost for a plastic postcard mailers?

Our standard 5.652″ x 4.25″ plastic postcards mail at a bulk rate of about 31¢ and a first class rate of about 44¢. Call for exact rate for your mailing.

Q: Will my artwork be reused?

DynamiCard reserves the right to reuse your design, excluding client provided photos, outside your trading area.

Q: What kind of response rates can I expect for a plastic postcard mailer?

Due to the number of variables involved in direct mail (offer, list, timing, competitive environment, company reputation, seasonality, weather, etc.), we do not, under any circumstances quote response rates and feel that companies that do are providing you a disservice. No two campaigns are ever alike. With that being said, most advertisers report a 3x – 4x response improvement over their paper mailers using the same offer, timing, market and so on. We pride ourselves in only representing the finest and highest response direct marketing devices and believe that we offer the highest quality of customer service to ensure the best possible outcome.

Q: Where do I get a good mailing list?

DynamiCard and its staff have been servicing the direct mail community with high quality, hard to find mailing lists for almost 2 decades. We have access to over 500,000 lists and can provide you with resident lists, consumer lists, respondent lists, gambler lists, homeowner lists, home equity lists, unusual ailment lists, lists based upon purchasing habits and much more. Please call a sales representative for assistance.

Q: How many plastic postcards or direct mailers should I mail?

The “sweet spot” for producing custom mail pieces is 5,000. We do not recommend printing lower quantities unless it is strictly for testing purposes. You may choose however to mail 2500 per month for 2 months to obtain the “sweet spot” pricing.

Q: Are there frequency discounts?

Yes, Although there is a set up fee for each job we process, by contracting with DynamiCard for multiple drops you will receive the quantity pricing for the total number of pieces in the contract.

Q: Who will do my artwork?

DynamiCard’s full service graphics department will be glad to assist you with eye-catching graphics for your plastic postcard or direct mailer. The fee for a custom design, including properly licensed photos is only $199 and includes 2 revisions. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Q: How much of a discount should I offer?

Your offer will dictate 40% or more of your response so DO NOT skimp on your offer. The better the offer the better the response. Make certain your offer is more than competitive with your competition. We cannot stress this topic enough. Your offer is critical and must be compelling for the success of your DynamiCard plastic postcard direct mail campaign.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

No but we do accept checks, e-checks, money orders, and cashiers checks. Convenient and affordable financing options are also available!

Q: Do you guarantee the results of my plastic postcard campaign?

No. Although we will do everything in our power to generate a favorable outcome, advertising is risky and we under no circumstances can guarantee any kind of outcome.

Q: Are your plastic postcard mailers recyclable?

Yes, our plastic postcard mailers are recyclable under the #7 category, however only certain types of recycling centers have the capability to accept this category. To prevent confusing consumers, DynamiCard has implemented a “Check Locally” logo on mailers. Alternatively, you may order our environmentally friendly and fully recyclable Eco Postcard Mailers.

Q: What is the difference between tracking and analytics?

Tracking simply tells us what happened, how many new clients we attracted and how much they spent. Analytics tells us which, of the prospects we mailed, delivered the best ROI so that we can consistently mail more efficiently on our next direct mail campaign.

Q: Why choose DynamiCard over other companies that offer plastic postcards and direct mail products?

One of the first and most experienced in the business, we offer faster turn times because all services are performed in-house. Combine that with the most advanced tracking and analytics available, the largest template die selection, our ability to build custom ordering portals, and our flexibility to work with clients on custom projects and it is easy to see why we are the best choice to partner with for your direct mail marketing needs.

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