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Why retail companies need to include direct mail in their marketing…

 Whether online or offline, the ability to gather data and use it to find prospective customers is now more important than location.

Each retail business is unique.  Targeted direct mail campaigns are one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reach your ideal customers.  You can use it to drive new prospects to your website or directly to your door, and keep existing customers coming back for more.  With the information you collect you can make all your other marketing efforts more effective.


People are very likely to keep the pop-off section and carry them around.  DynamiCard’s get noticed, and get used 4 times as much as paper postcard mailers and paper discount coupons. Our plastic postcards are endorsed by U.S. Postal Service and featured in their

Deliver Magazine

Why DynamiCard Plastic Postcards?

You can go way beyond sending out an advertising blast and hoping for results for your retail business.  With DynamiCard’s innovations and cutting edge technologies, you can laser-focus all your marketing campaigns.

Our plastic cards get noticed and we can provide you with reports on exactly the types of people who are actually responding.  We’re not just talking about postcards.  We have lots of card-related marketing ideas, with more capabilities and benefits than you may think possible.

Why You Need To Use DynamiCard To Advertise Your Retail Business.


Did you know that a study from Direct Marketing Associations reports that direct mail is 10 to 30 times more effective than email?


Did you know that according to the CMO Council, the response rate for targeted direct mail is 4.4% as email is only 0.12%? DynamiCard response rate is 12%.


73% of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product announcements.

Facts About Direct Mail


77% of respondents feel that personalization is highly important with direct mail.

Effective Channels

Response rates and ROI are what matter most when spending on marketing, direct mail still remains the most effective choice.

Direct Mail is Relevant and Today

Direct mail is the leader in data driven marketing, with all the digital / media channels learning from direct mail experiences.

For Questions And Quotes Call: 800 928 7670


  • Strategy
  • Prospect List
  • Design
  • Print & Mail

We also offer mailing list management, mailing, and tracking services for a complete restaurant direct mail marketing package.

For bringing in new customers, our direct mail expertise will focus your outreach to just the people who are the best match for your retail business. Did you know that some mailing lists even include people’s shopping preferences? We do, and we have those lists.

We can also automatically capture demographic and contact information of customers as they come in and use our cards and build a customer database. You can then use that database to invite them back. DynamiCard plastic postcards can include bar codes, QR codes, or even magnetic stripes. When you scan those, we can capture data tied to that particular card, including name and address. You can find out in which areas your customers reside, their income brackets, how many children they have, and more.

Together, we can build a mailing list tailored to appeal to their special interests and bring them back for repeat business. Special birthday mailings and offers are especially popular and effective. You could target your incentives to sale items, high-profit items, or your unique popular bring-them-back specialties.

Let our experts take the hassle off your hands and boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.

prospects mailing lists

Working with our mailing experts you can laser-target your promotion to exactly those people who are most likely to be your best customers. Plus, most lists include factors such as age and income, and even buying habits. With a focused list, you spend only on those most likely visit your store rather than broadcasting a message to anyone and everyone. With our tracking data, you can understand your marketing and your customers even better and making your retail marketing campaigns more effective.

Sending mailers to people who don’t match your intended criteria
is wasteful and could prove embarrassing. We can help you find up-to-date lists that are tailored to your needs.

Good design is critical, so we offer beautiful and impressive designs. But we also go for function and results. We’re experienced in informing your prospects and getting you results, not just making pretty pictures. We offer full design and print services, including mockups, custom design, print prep and proofing.

Now you CAN pull off those last minute promotions! DynamiCard standard turn time in the regular season is only 5 to 7 days! Ask us about our Rush services!

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DynamiCard leads the industry in technology and experience when it comes to manufacturing your plastic postcard mailers. By using the latest digital technology for the most vivid print quality, we can also address, personalize, number and barcode on the fly. DynamiCard has printing and lamination facilities located around the country, giving us the capacity and speed to get your message market faster than anyone in the business. Our blazing fast turn times leave our competition wondering how we do it. Dynamicard uses the best of the best with HP Indigo.

Mailing out your postcard can be a grueling task, but here at DynamiCard we make it EASY and AFFORDABLE! We sort and tray your mailers and let you use our bulk rate permit to mail them. In 2008, the US Postal service revised its regulations to prohibit companies from mailing laminated plastic postcard mailer at their low presorted rates. However, as one of the few elite manufactures of laminated plastic postcard mailers, we own 5 of the coveted “Grandfathered” USPS postage permits, since we have been printing and mailing plastic postcard mailers since long before the ruling went into effect. These special permits allow us to mail your project “Bulk”, and earning you low automated postage rates.

More Information WATCH DEMO

Direct Mail still reigns supreme, offering response rates of 1.1 to 1.4% verses 0.03% for email, 0.04% for internet display ads, and 0.22% for paid search.

DynamiCard plastic postcard is a revolutionary, credit card thick, plastic postcard with snap-out promotional gift card that will boost your response rate 4 times higher than regular postcards and any other direct mail media! We help you pinpoint your ideal customers and along with our proprietary software, you will get real-time analytics. We can prove that we get the highest response and most measurable returns in the industry!DynamiCard’s response rates are 10 – 14%!

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