Why DynamiCard Tuxedo Rental Plastic Postcards?

You can go way beyond sending out an advertising blast and hoping for the best results for your tuxedo rental store marketing. With DynamiCard’s innovations and cutting edge technologies, you can laser-focus all your marketing campaigns.

Our plastic postcards get noticed and we can provide you with reports on exactly the types of people who are actually responding. We have lots of marketing ideas for your tuxedo rental store, with more capabilities and benefits than you may think possible.

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Looking for Better Ways to Market Your Tuxedo Rental Store?

Each retail business is unique, and this is especially true for tuxedo rental and formal wear stores. Targeted direct mail campaigns are one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reach your ideal customers. You can use it to drive new prospects to your website or directly to your door, and keep existing customers coming back for more. With the information you collect you can make all your tuxedo rental store marketing efforts more effective.

By advertising with plastic postcards, you give your tuxedo rental store offers a greater perceived value. People are very likely to keep the pop-off “gift cards” and carry them around. DynamiCard’s get noticed, and get used 3 times as much as paper postcard mailers and paper discount coupons. Our plastic postcards are endorsed by U.S. Postal Service and featured in their Deliver Magazine.



DynamiCard plastic postcard is a revolutionary, credit card thick, plastic postcard with snap-out promotional gift card that will boost your response rate 3 times higher than regular postcards and any other direct mail media! We help you pinpoint your ideal customers and along with our proprietary software, you will get real-time analytics. We can prove that we get the highest response and most measurable returns in the industry!

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DynamiCard Direct Mail Campaign Development Process

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Use DynamiCard To Advertise Your Tuxedo Rental Store

Did you know...

The U.S. formal wear and tuxedo rental industry was valued at over $600 million in 2020, and has steadily grown an average of 2.6% per year since 2015?

Did you know...

Slim-fit and colorful tuxedos with matching accessories are trending among young men and grooms-to-be, and they are willing to spend up to $250 per rental to achieve this fashionable look?

Did you know...

The key demographic for the formal wear and tuxedo rental industry, adults aged 20 to 64, will continue to grow over the next 5 years?

That’s a lot of sales for your tuxedo rental store to capture!

Facts About Targeted Direct Mail Advertising

Better Response

  • Direct Mail = 5.1%
  • Email & Paid Search = 0.6%
  • Social Media = 0.4%
  • Online Display = 0.2%

Greater ROI

29% median household ROI offsets the larger initial direct mail investment.

*Sources: USPS, DMA, Non-Profit Pro

Brand Loyalty

18.4% of people respond to direct mail offers from companies they have previously purchased from.

Cross-Platform Results

28% greater conversion rate when you add direct mail to your digital campaign.

More Personal

69% of people perceive direct mail as more personal than internet or email advertisements.

Mailing Data = Success

40% of your campaign’s success is in the mailing data – geographically and demographically target prospects for superior results.

Direct Mail still reigns supreme, offering average response rates of 5.1% verses 0.6% for email, and 0.2% for online display ads. DynamiCard’s response rates are 10-14%

*Source: ANA | DMA Response Rate Report, 2019

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