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What is DynamiScan?

DynamiScan allows you to easily scan offers being redeemed from your plastic postcard mailers at the point of sale and identify statistically which demographics are responding to your advertising, which offers perform best, and which demographic/offer combo drives the highest average ticket. Additionally DynamiScan also collects the names and addresses of each respondent.

Why use DynamiScan?

  • Save your company thousands of dollars by identifying and avoiding the demographics that are unresponsive
  • Collect 100% of your new customers names & addresses
  • Know which offer to use & who to mail it too
  • Profile your customer base in just one plastic postcard mailing

Know who to mail what! DynamiScan!


As a marketer it is important...

to know facts on whom to mail and what to mail them. We all know that, unfortunately most marketers make most decisions based on very little data, A/B testing and unfortunately gut instinct. The name of the game is to track your direct mail advertising, and easily analyze your results. No college degree required!

Introducing DynamiScan,

the patent pending automated way to know who to mail what. Analyze and track your plastic postcards with accuracy and precision.

With DynamiScan we allow you...

to discreetly measure what the response rate for your direct mail campaign is and the purchasing tendencies of each and every demographic that comes into your business. Using this data, you can virtually eliminate unprofitable demographics from your mailing list, low responding segments of your mailing list, and match the right offer to the right customer to get the outcome you are looking for. DynamiScan can automatically stop responders from getting a second offer until you choose to re-engage them.

DynamiScan Facts:

DynamiScan makes your plastic postcard mailing the single most track-able advertising tool in your marketing toolbox.

DynamiScan clients know exactly how much they made on a direct mail campaign, how each location preformed, and what to expect on their next mailing.

A typical advertiser using DynamiScan has a direct mail response rate gain of 25% or more then an advertiser using a “Seat of the pants” system.

DynamiScan clients know exactly how many times their new customers have returned to their business and which offers they prefer.

DynamiScan eliminates re-couponing customer over and over. We know who they are, what they respond to, and can control how often they are presented an offer.

DynamiScan can help you know more accurately who your customers are so that you can better match your products and services to their needs.

DynamiScan clients have the names and addresses of every single patron that comes in the door from your direct mail campaign.

DynamiScan clients spend no time building spreadsheets and charts; DynamiScan does it for you, in real time. DynamiScan allows you to “trim the fat” from your mailing list, making your mailings more efficient one mailing to the next.


  • Plug-n-Play Scanner Interface
  • USB Hand Scanners
  • Downloadable iPhone App Scanner
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Real-Time Geomapping
  • Multi-Location Enabled
  • Test Multiple offers At One Time
  • Respondent List Download


  • See Exactly what your new customers look like in real time on your own company dashboard
  • DynamiScan maps the homes of your new customers in real-time
  • Track results from 1 or multiple locations simultaneously
  • Run 1, 2, 3 or more offers at one time, and learn which drives more visits, and which drives the most revenue
  • Optional respondent list download provides you with a customer list along with response detail


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