Order Process

Placing an Order

Payment is due at time your order is placed. DynamiCard accepts checks, e-checks, money orders, cashiers checks and PayPal.

Tips On Designing Your Plastic Postcard

Keep the text easy to see

Make the promotion or offer be the first thing they see. Never block or overlap the pictures or graphics with any text.

Use bright colors on each side

Bold and contrasting colors show depth and get attention. Highlight the offer in a different color. Make it stand out.

Design for top of wallet

Put your brand, offer and expiration on the top quarter inch banner of the wallet card. This is your opportunity to command top of wallet placement which has an exposure factor similar to placing a billboard outside the front door of your prospects home. Focus on designing an attractive wallet card your prospects will want to carry.

Compelling and Attention Grabbing

Your pictures should be at an angle, zoomed in, or off center. Paint a clear picture of your offer. Hit your customers hot buttons!


Turnaround Time & Pricing


can be provided instantly by calling our experienced customer service team at 1-800-928-7670.


Production time is approximately 7 business days for orders under 25,000, for larger orders please contact a representative.


Standard graphics designs takes about 1-2 days to complete including 2 client design revisions.

Mailing Options

Standard Mail – Delivery time 4-15 Days – We have found that delivery times of 9 days or less are common, but not guaranteed. Standard Mail rate is .31 per unit for postage & processing.
First Class Mail – Delivery time 1-4 Days – Rate is .44 per unit for postage & processing

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