One of the biggest misconceptions about the relationship between direct mail and digital advertising is that you’re talking about an “either/or” situation to begin with. Both bring with them their fair share of advantages and unique opportunities and truth be told, both absolutely have a home in your larger marketing strategy. In fact, cross-media marketing itself is the perfect chance to really strike a chord with your audience in a way that is far too important to overlook.

The Might of Cross-Media Advertising: Striking a Balance

One of the best ways in which direct mail marketing services can actually drive your digital presence involves your ability to push traffic to your website for convenient ordering purposes. Reach out to them with direct mail and “seal the deal” via digital advertising. Direct mail response rates are naturally higher so it’s a perfect way to get someone’s attention, and the convenience of digital when it comes to actually ordering cannot be beat. It’s literally a win-win situation.

You can use direct mail marketing services to offer discount codes to entice someone to head online, or use a service like Card Verifier to capture data before your prospects every make a purchase in the first place!

Cross-media marketing is also a great way to create a deeper sense of loyalty with your audience. You can use direct mail postcard campaign to thank responders with a complimentary offer, then encourage them to share that experience on social media or trusted review websites. Not only will this build your brand online, but it’ll also help boost your direct mail ROI, too.

Finally, you can also use direct mail to enhance your digital marketing efforts in other ways, too. Consider using a direct mailer to promote an upcoming social media contest, for example, that requires action on the part of the recipient. Again, they’re more likely to respond to direct mail than they are an email and once you have their attention, it’s easy to get them to hop on their social media account and carry the relationship from there.

So in the end, it’s important to remember that you do NOT have to choose between direct mail and digital marketing collateral. One can absolutely feed into the other and vice versa, creating the types of results you simply wouldn’t have access to through other means.

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