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Laminated Plastic Postcard Mailer Printing

Do you have a goal, but don’t know where to start? Dynamicard’s experienced staff is here to guide you through every step of the process, including planning, design, execution, and tracking of your campaign.


Believe it or not, direct mail is still one of the best marketing methods around.







The Ultimate Gift Card Mailer

Welcome to Dynamicard Plastic Postcards, we represent the cutting edge technology and innovation in direct mail. We do it all, as much or as little as you need, to make sure you are satisfied through the entire process. We are one of the fastest growing company’s for a reason.

Our Process:


We will help you strategize to get your best Return on Investment. Marketing and Advertising can be overwhelming and a bit tricky and we understand. This is where we succeed and will develop a customized turnkey solution to reach and exceed your goals.

Unlike our competitors who simply “guess” at how to improve your campaign, DynamiCard uses proprietary tracking and analytics software to quickly and effortlessly identify who is your most responsive target.

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Good design is critical, so we offer beautiful and impressive designs.  But we also go for function and results.  We’re experienced in informing your prospects and getting you results, not just making pretty pictures.  We offer full design and print services, including mockups, custom design, print prep and proofing.

Now you CAN pull off those last minute promotions! DynamiCard standard turn time in the regular season is only 5 to 7 days! Ask us about our Rush services!

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prospects mailing lists

We use the modern methods with proven results and have access to over half a million lists.  We know which are high-quality, and which to avoid.

We’ll work with you to find the right list and the right parameters so that your mailing will focus on prospects qualified for your particular product or service.  We go beyond the usual demographics such as age and gender and we can focus in on hundreds of parameters such as number of children, profession, hobbies, education, life events, wealth indicators, and more to make your mailing as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

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DynamiCard leads the industry in technology and experience when it comes to manufacturing your plastic postcard mailers. By using the latest digital technology for the most vivid print quality, we can also address, personalize, number and barcode on the fly. DynamiCard has printing and lamination facilities located around the country, giving us the capacity and speed to get your message market faster than anyone in the business. Our blazing fast turn times leave our competition wondering how we do it. Dynamicard uses the best of the best with HP Indigo.

Mailing out your postcard can be a grueling task, but here at DynamiCard we make it EASY and AFFORDABLE! We sort and tray your mailers and let you use our bulk rate permit to mail them. In 2008, the US Postal service revised its regulations to prohibit companies from mailing laminated plastic postcard mailer at their low presorted rates. However, as one of the few elite manufactures of laminated plastic postcard mailers, we own 5 of the coveted “Grandfathered” USPS postage permits, since we have been printing and mailing plastic postcard mailers since long before the ruling went into effect. These special permits allow us to mail your project “Bulk”, and earning you low automated postage rates.

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Lowest Prices

We WILL Beat Any

Competitors Prices!


View Our Many Template Styles And Sizes To Match Your Company Needs.


Plastic Postcard Templates

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DynamiScanTracking and Analytics
DynamiScan allows you to easily scan offers being redeemed from your plastic postcard mailers at the point of sale and identify statistically which demographics are responding to your advertising, which offers perform best, and which demographic/offer combo drives the highest average ticket. Additionally DynamiScan also collects the names and addresses of each respondent.

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Effective =Our plastic postcard gift card mailers are thick and are more like gift cards than discount coupons. Prospects are less likely to throw out a Free Gift Card! Many more people will value them, and actually use them, without feeling like they’re being cheap.

Our cards’ durability also means they won’t become a crumpled mess and get thrown out; people will hold on to them. There is also no envelope so they are instantly read!

Take Notice with Plastic Postcards!

Imagine receiving a postcard in full color with great graphics & as thick and durable as a credit card. Would you take notice & see what it was about? How about if you could pop off part of that card & keep it in your wallet, purse, or car?

Do you think you’d be more likely to use it? We help you pinpoint your ideal customers & along with our proprietary software, you will get real-time analytics. We can prove that we get the highest response & measurable returns in the industry!

Marketing with Dynamicard

Sending out an advertising blast and hoping for results is just not good enough.  This is where we succeed because we represent the cutting edge technology and innovation for your direct mail campaign. We do not only design a beautiful plastic gift card mailer, we provide you with analytics to give you up to date information on who is using them.

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