One of the most important things to understand about your marketing strategy is that, for the best results, all of the various techniques you’re using should feed into and empower one another, coming together to form something more important than any one of them could be on their own.

This means that in the modern era, the key to the best response rate AND the best ROI rests in true cross-platform marketing in every sense of the term. One of the best ways to accomplish THAT involves dynamic addressable geofencing, a technique that itself brings with it a number of core benefits that can’t be ignored.

Why Dynamic Addressable Geofencing Makes All the Difference

By now, you’re probably already using techniques like targeted marketing and analytical mailing lists to get more precise with your focus than ever. Dynamic addressable geofencing takes things one step further by creating a situation where your prospects will see your digital ads shortly before (and while) your physical direct mail postcards arrive in their homes.

Think about it like this: it usually takes far more than just one contact to convince someone to give your brand their hard-earned money. Sometimes it can take ten or more contact attempts, depending on the situation. Dynamic addressable geofencing makes it possible for someone to start seeing digital ads for your business BEFORE they get something from you in the mail.

So when those plastic postcards or eco postcard mailers DO arrive, your prospect is far “warmer” than they otherwise would have been.

When you partner with the right organization like DynamiCard, you can also take advantage of innovative software solutions that can be helpful for tracking conversions – thus letting you see exactly how high your ROI really is. Plus, your digital geofencing ads can link directly to your website or to a promotion-specific landing page for even more convenient campaign tracking.

In a lot of cases, DynamiCard can even track which phones and other devices were served the ads that visited your business. So not only is this a very effective service, but it’s an incredibly affordable one, too – thus making it a no-brainer enhancement to the already responsive direct mail solutions that you’re currently taking advantage of.

If you’d like to find out about even more tips, tricks and best practices for expanding your direct mail marketing reach with dynamic addressable geofencing, or if you’re just eager to get started on this process for your own business, please don’t delaycontact us today.