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Choosing the Right Plastic Postcard Mailer Provider for Your Restaurant Marketing Campaign image

Carrying out a successful restaurant marketing campaign can be challenging. With so much competition, distinguishing your establishment from the rest is critical, and choosing the right advertising method is key. Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool for restaurants of all kinds looking to capture their potential diners’ attention. Once you’ve decided that direct mail is right for your restaurant, however, how do you go about choosing the right provider to design, print and track your restaurant’s plastic postcard mailer? Here are the four key factors to consider when weighing your direct mail design, print and analytics options. Custom Design Expertise Designing an eye-catching plastic postcard mailer is difficult; unless you moonlight as a designer, this is not a task ...

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How High Impact Mailers Can Help Your Restaurant’s Marketing Efforts image

Attracting new diners to your restaurant–and converting them into regulars–is a challenging task for any restaurateur. Everyone in the industry knows that standing out from the competition is key, but which marketing method can help set your restaurant apart from the dozens of other establishments that your potential diners have to choose from? Your possible marketing avenues are almost endless, but in today’s advertisement-heavy world, so many ads fade into the background: television commercials are muted, newspaper advertisements end up in the recycling bin and marketing e-mails are lost to spam folders. In this environment, direct mail marketing offers several distinct advantages: it’s personal, it’s immediate and it’s difficult to ignore. Amplify your direct mail campaign with a high impact plastic ...

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How Dynamicard Can Boost the Results of Your Restaurant Marketing Campaign image

Your restaurant has many potential options when designing a marketing campaign, from television commercials and online advertisements to marketing e-mails and more. So many of these advertising avenues, however, fall short when it comes to actually enticing new customers in your front door. The immediacy and personal impact of direct mail helps it stand out from other marketing methods, but creating a truly effective direct mail campaign requires that you choose the right partner. At Dynamicard, our long track-record of working with restaurants has provided us with the expertise needed to create successful plastic postcard mailers for restaurants. Full-Scale Design and Print Services Any successful marketing campaign begins with grabbing your target audience’s attention. Dynamicard’s design and print team knows how to ...

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Adding Another Dimension to Plastic Card Mailers for Restaurants: Scent! image

The aroma of muffins right out of the oven, the smell of piping-hot pizza or the scent of freshly-brewed coffee: whatever type of cuisine your restaurant offers, it has its own set of enticing smells that greet your diners when they walk in the door. The effect of pleasant scents is undeniable; indeed, studies have shown that enjoyable fragrances can provide a significant boost in mood, and smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. As such an effective marketing tool for your business, don’t you wish you could package your restaurant’s wonderful food aromas and send them to your potential customers? With scratch and sniff plastic postcard mailers, you can! This innovative new offering brings another dimension to your ...

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Making the Most of Your Restaurant’s Marketing Campaign with Direct Mail Tracking image

Direct mail marketing offers restaurants innumerable benefits; unlike many other forms of advertisements, plastic card mailers for restaurants can be personalized, they benefit from their physicality and they provide a durable reminder of your restaurant for prospective diners. At the same time, however, your plastic postcard mailer can only be effective if it actually reaches the right group of potential customers. That’s why direct mail tracking is so critical for any direct mail campaign. Effective tracking can help your restaurant understand your direct mail campaign’s performance and adapt to any challenges in three key ways. By Revealing the Responsiveness of Each Demographic Without a targeted mailing list, you could end up sending your plastic postcard mailers to scores of people who ...

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How to Pick a Vendor to Produce Your Restaurant’s Plastic Postcard Mailer image

A direct mail campaign utilizing plastic card mailers is one of the most effective forms of marketing that a restaurant can employ. Key to the success of any such campaign, however, is choosing the right vendor who can help your restaurant design, produce and analyze the results of your plastic postcard mailer. Take the time to investigate the options available to you to ensure that you choose a company that has the skill and expertise required to produce effective plastic card mailers for restaurants–and here are the three key features to look for. Established Design Experience Running a restaurant is hard enough; taking time out of your week to design a plastic postcard mailer that will draw in new customers and ...

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The 3 Ways that Direct Mail Helps Restaurants Meet Their Marketing Goals image

Restaurant marketing presents a unique set of challenges that many restaurant owners and managers struggle with meeting. From building a recognizable brand that patrons will identify with to turning one-time diners into repeat customers, restaurants of all kinds face difficulty figuring out what type of marketing will help them best meet their goals. Many restaurants–local chains and single-location establishments alike–are finding incredible success through direct mail advertising utilizing a plastic postcard mailer. The following are the top three ways that plastic card mailers for restaurants can help your business achieve its advertising goals. By Quickly Grabbing the Attention of Potential Patrons Ad blockers prevent your online advertisements from ever being seen, spam filters do the same to your promotional e-mails and ...

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Redefining High Performance Restaurant Marketing image

Don’t overlook the latest in restaurant marketing opportunities to support your restaurant or cocktail lounge. Research shows that direct mail marketing is an excellent way to build a stronger reputation that can lead to more customers and a larger following. Our personalized high impact Plastic Postcard Mailers are very effective with all of our customers, and especially with our restaurant clientele. According to the Direct Mail Marketing Association’s 2016 report, direct mail is growing because the consumer engagement is higher as the clutter declines. Personalization and relevance are meaningful. The DMA found that customer response rates increased on a yearly basis by an impressive 43%. Additionally, prospect response rates more than doubled – showing an amazing 190% increase! Interesting, POWERFUL, and effective direct mail marketing is vital to a restaurant’s ...

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Solving The Issues of Empty Restaurant Tables image

Many people who frequently enjoy dining out, whether it’s by themselves, with business associates, or with family and friends, develop a strong emotional bond to their favorite restaurants. This type of emotional experience is defined by research studies as Place Attachment involving people who form an emotional bond with a specific place. Researchers have found that this common experience is greatly influenced by an individual’s personal experiences. The restaurant becomes their special place filled with warmth, a welcoming atmosphere, excellent food and relaxation. When people form a strong attachment, it goes beyond visiting a nice restaurant with good food. No one enjoys seeing empty restaurant tables. And, this is especially true of loyal restaurant customers who have established a close bond with the restaurant, the manager, and staff.  Unfortunately, EVERY restaurant group has a few ...

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