One of the most important things for restaurant owners to understand about seasonal marketing is that it isn’t just Christmas and New Year’s that you should concern yourself with. February is right around the corner, for example, which means only one thing: Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. As the second busiest holiday of the year for restaurants, this represents the perfect type of seasonal opportunity that you definitely do not want to pass up.

Making the Most Out of Valentine’s Day: Breaking Things Down

One great thing you can do to take full advantage of the Valentine’s Day spirit involves offering a prix fixe menu, otherwise known as “price fix.” It’s a special menu where everything – from drinks to appetizers to the desert and all in between – is offered for one fixed, predictable price. It’s the perfect chance to attract the attention of people who may not be likely to splurge on themselves under normal conditions. In addition to creating a great marketing angle, it’s also a perfect opportunity to go easy on your kitchen staff – instead of preparing countless variations on your menu all night, they’ll be cranking out the same 5-6 dishes all evening long.

Another great opportunity is partnering with organizations around you who will make the perfect pair for your Valentine’s marketing campaign. Case in point: hotels. If your restaurant is very close to a neighboring hotel (make sure that it’s within walking distance for the best results), reach out to their management and see if they’d like to offer a special “Dinner and a Room” package. It would be a great way to attract the attention of patrons who want to indulge without the worry of getting behind-the-wheel at the end of the meal – and it will also create a mutually beneficial relationship for you and your hotel managing partner.

Regardless of which Valentine’s Day promotion you decide on, the power of targeted mailing makes it easier than ever to capture the attention of your ideal customers with a perfectly timed direct mail campaign. You can accomplish this by sending your collateral directly to the people who Valentine’s Day materials resonate with the most: Couples. Whether they’re newlyweds or have been married for years, it doesn’t matter. Once you know what their martial status is, you can tailor your restaurant’s Valentine’s Day marketing campaign to this ideal demographic and start filling-up your reservations long before the special day arrives.

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