Believe it or not, pizzerias and pizza restaurants have actually done better than most during the COVID-19 pandemic because their services have always been carry-out and delivery-based in nature. They were already set up to handle this “new normal” that we now find ourselves in, and many of them are understandably grateful for that.

Having said that, they’re now suddenly competing with a lot of other restaurants in their area for the same services – even some who they may not have considered direct competitors before. So how do they make the most out of the brave new world we find ourselves in post-COVID-19? By building as much customer loyalty as possible, and direct mail is absolutely how you do it.

The Art of Building Loyalty in the COVID-19 World: Breaking Things Down

A lot of the “old school” ways of building loyalty via direct mail will become even more important than ever for your pizzeria over the weeks and months to come. At a bare minimum, you should be sending out collateral like direct mail postcards that:

  • Reminds everyone of your location, your hours and your contact information.
  • Offers a discount as an incentive for choosing your pizza restaurant. With so many take-out options now available, this gesture is an act of goodwill that will certainly pay-off in future loyalty.
  • Highlights all of the different points that makes your pizza and other menu items unique, including promoting weekly specials.
  • Explains how you’ve been helping the community during these difficult times, such as providing meals for medical workers or those in need.

Likewise, you’ll definitely want to use targeted mailing to send out materials to both existing customers and new prospects in your area. Let them know if you’re open again for dine-in, and go into detail about all of the safety measures you’ve put into place to keep people happy and healthy when they come in for a pizza, or when they stop by after work to get that carry-out order that they’ve been looking forward to.

If you show people that you’re already acting with their best interests at heart, they’ll respond in kind – and that type of loyalty will stick around long after COVID-19 is finally gone.

If you’d like to learn additional information about the type of marketing strategy that pizzerias and pizza restaurants can use to build loyalty following COVID-19, or if you’d just like to speak to someone about your own needs as a business in a bit more detail, please don’t delaycontact us today.