It’s safe to say that life is going to be very, very different once COVID-19 has finally left us behind… and restaurants in particular are going to be impacted more than most.

People have been getting by for weeks without dining out, to the point where many will wonder if it’s a big priority anymore once states begin to lift their lockdowns. As a restaurant owner, you can absolutely leverage direct mail to help remind people of the value that you offer beyond just a good meal – but you’ll have to keep a few key things in mind while you do it.

Reopening Your Restaurant: What You Need to Know

By far, the most important thing to do to prepare for a world after COVID-19 involves beginning to plan your re-launch strategy as quickly as possible. To that end, direct mail will become a more valuable asset than ever as it’s the best resource you have in terms of using targeted mailing to geographically and demographically reach out to the best possible clientele for your establishment.

Start sending out messages soon reminding people that you’re still out there. If you’ve refreshed your menu, let them know. If you’ve gone through significant changes, let them know about that, too. Get people prepared for the idea that one day your state is going to reopen and at that time, you’re ready and willing to cook for them the same way you always have been.

Likewise, as soon as you do know exactly when your restaurant reopening will happen, you need to get people prepared (and excited). Send out marketing collateral that outlines the details of your reopening, along with special offers for dine-in and take-out options alike. Along the same lines, inform people of how you’re going to be maintaining social distancing and what you’re doing to keep up with any mandatory and/or highly recommended rules or guidelines for restaurants to be able to reopen as dictated by your state.

Communicating these updates is crucial to staying connected to your customers while building up anticipation for your reopening, and direct mail marketing is an authentic way to accomplish precisely that.

If you’d like to find out more information about reopening your restaurant after COVID-19 using direct mail, or if you’d just like to discuss the specifics of your own situation with our marketing experts in a bit more detail, please don’t delaycontact us today.