Maybe the most important thing to understand about running ANY type of business is that it always costs more to generate new customers than it does to retain your existing ones. Because of that, you need to win your customers’ loyalty whenever and however you can. More often than not, this means showing your gratitude – even during those times when you don’t necessarily “have to.”

Thankfully, this process is less the product of one major move and is more about a series of smaller, more strategically timed ones. All of this effort can pay major dividends down the road, too.

An Investment in Your Customers is an Investment in Your Future

Maybe the most obvious way to show your gratitude to your loyal customers involves sending a nice, handwritten note of appreciation – even during those times when it may not be “necessary.” However, this may not be realistic depending on the size of your business and the number of customers it has. This process can be easily streamlined, though, with the power of variable data. You could use a lovely handwritten font on a direct mail postcard, for example, with a greeting that includes your customer’s name. This is a great way to create that more intimate, personal feeling you’re going for WITHOUT the incredible amount of effort normally required.

All told, to reward customer loyalty and boost retention you’ll really want to come up with your own unique system to accomplish exactly that. Birthday programs, for example, are a perfect opportunity to reward your devoted clientele during this special time of year by offering them a gift or discount on a purchase made during their birthday month. It could be a coupon for a certain amount off a purchase, or even a birthday meal – the choice is yours based on your business.

You should also take some time out to touch base with your customers during holidays and other types of seasonal events. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, for example, and marks the perfect opportunity to reach out to your loyal customers as a gesture of gratitude, and offer them a special “VIP” discount or free gift. You could even do something similar with Christmas a month later.

If you’re ready to win your customers’ loyalty by showing your appreciation, or if you’re interested in exploring additional ways to improve customer loyalty and customer retention, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.