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9 Straight-forward Restaurant Marketing Tips image

1. Local Search Engine Marketing – Make sure you are listed in local search results. These days most people are using online searches as well as reading reviews to help them decide whether or not they will come to your restaurant.Are you showing up on local search results and on Google Maps? Google has specific guidelines for businesses to follow in order to be listed in local search results. Managing local search and gaining the knowledge necessary to have a prominent local search presence is not nearly as easy as you would think. A qualified SEO that specializes in local search can help you with your local search presence if you don’t have the time to learn and manage local ...

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How to Effectively Attract New Customers While Keeping Groupon Bargain Hunters Out image

Most Groupon users are bargain hunters and won’t return to your business unless they’re nearby.  Groupon itself says that only some 22% of their coupon users become repeat customers, so you need to take that into account when working out your marketing plans.  Let’s consider how direct mail can put the numbers much more in your favor. Coupon Difficulties I’m not here to bad-mouth Groupon;  they promote your sale to a huge audience and handle payments, and have provided a big boost to many businesses.  But they’re not for everyone.  Their requirements of a minimum number of coupons and a big discount can be burdensome for small businesses. Plus they take 50% of the purchase for themselves and their delayed payment can ...

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Direct Mail: An Effective Way to Drive Customers to Your E-Commerce Business image

Yes, good old snail mail is still a wonderful cost-effective way to generate traffic for an online business. In fact, it’s even one of most effective channels. The Huffington Post reports that some ecommerce companies are even mailing print catalogs with great results. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that this includes Amazon, eBay, and Zappos. While email is most effective for customer retention, direct mail from postcards to full catalogs can be highly effective in customer acquisition as well as retention. With the ever-rising cost of pay-per-click advertising, smart business people are realizing that a well-planned and well-executed direct mail campaign can have an excellent return-on-investment. Drive Offline to Online Some people need a little push to move into online purchasing. ...

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The Only Way to Target a Radius Around Your Business image

It makes sense that the easiest customers to capture are those who live or work near your own business location. They’re nearby and will realize that your shop is a quick and easy visit. They might even already be passing by each and every day on their way to and from work.  If not, they know the neighborhood so it will be easy to find and remember your location.  All this is especially important when it comes to special promotions.  So many businesses have learned the hard way that people will drive quite a way for a great special deal, but never show up again for regular purchases.  A nearby customer is far more likely to come back again and ...

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How to Avoid Being Considered Junk Mail image

Many business owners and managers rule out direct mail because they assume it will just be thrown away.  Indeed, many people consider “junk mail” and “direct mail” to mean the same thing.  Companies with high-end products are especially concerned that mailings might actually hurt their reputation. Yet direct mail has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing channels around.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.  The right idea is to go right ahead and use mailings, but make sure that they’re effective, and perhaps even appreciated by the recipient. Apply Best Practices Experienced direct-mail professionals know how to make mail campaigns as cost-effective as possible, and that means that very few pieces are casually tossed away as unwanted ...

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Get the Jump On Holiday Advertising image

Is your marketing ready for the holiday season?  Its already time!  Shoppers will soon be out and about, and you want them to already know about your shop and its products.  Especially if you have specialty items for a particular holiday.  So you’ll want to get your marketing message out there early. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that as an industry average 20% of revenue comes during the winter holiday months, and for some retailers that can be as high as 40%. Why You Need to Get Ahead of the Game Here’s a few more numbers from the NRF.  They just might surprise you.  Some 12% of shoppers get started before September, and another 6% start during September.  Another ...

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Plastic Postcards Deliver image

Direct mail remains one of the most cost-effective marketing channels around, even when compared to the latest in Internet and mobile advertising. DynamiCard plastic postcards, with integrated pop-out promotional gift cards, are the biggest innovation in direct marketing in years. Well-executed DynamiCard campaigns have been reported to have as much as 10x higher response rates than quickly executed paper postcard campaigns. Plastic postcards can be the core of 3 powerful steps – how they are noticed, how they are used, how they are tracked — that provide solid results and constant improvements. How Plastic Postcards Are NOTICED DynamiCard uses a thick plastic stock with colorful “shiny looking” graphics, commanding immediate attention. With snap-out sections of various sizes, they seem more like a gift card; not many people ...

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Avoiding Common Direct Mail Mistakes image

Despite the Internet and smart phones, direct mail is still one of the best marketing methods around. We could talk for hours about the ins and outs, and the dos and don’ts of effective direct mail campaigns and how they can cost-effectively boost your business. So let’s just touch upon some things you should do in order to avoid the most common mistakes small (and large) businesses make. The Mailer Itself Many businesses just let a graphics person or employee put together a mailer. That can work, but only if they understand direct marketing. It’s best to begin by clearly deciding if your mailer will be an informational brochure or more like an advertisement. Postcards are often the most cost-effective ...

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