There’s an old saying that reminds us that “brevity is the soul of wit,” which essentially means that the shorter something is, the more effective it is, too. This, in essence, is why custom postcard advertising is so essential to your larger advertising campaigns. You’ve got more than just a simple, easy way to get all of the critical information your customer’s need into their hands as fast as possible. It’s a method that is easy to digest, that won’t overwhelm them with information and that is a lot easier to share with their friends and family members than other types of collateral.

The Power of Custom Postcard Marketing 

When you invest in a custom plastic postcard mailer for your next big campaign, you’re getting a number of different benefits – essentially all at the same time. For starters, people actually love postcards a great deal. According to one recent study, the number of people who actually read postcards last year increased by a significant 3.9% over the previous year – a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

But even going beyond that, this type of print direct mail marketing tends to lead to a return on investment ratio of about 13-to-1 on average. This means that for every dollar you invest into custom postcard mailing services, you can expecct to get about $13 back in eventual sales. The same study even revealed that this type of print collateral is one of the preferred ways that young people enjoy interacting with the brands they’re interested in, to the tune of 92%. For reference, the same is true for about 67% of people in all age brackets.

So not only are custom postcards a terrific way to reach a wider audience of customers, that audience will also be younger than that of your competitors who are still experimenting with other methods! When you put it like that, it’s easy to see why custom postcard printing has become so popular with so many over the last few years alone.

Now, nobody is saying that custom postcards should become the ONLY part of your advertising campaign. But when integrated into what you’re already doing in the right way, it can instantly act as a rock solid foundation upon which everything else is built. This is one powerful and important decision that you can’t afford to ignore any longer.

If you’re looking for more information about why custom postcard printing might be right for your next big campaign, or if you’re looking for new and innovative ways to keep those custom postcard mailing costs as low as possible, please don’t delay – contact us today.

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