Whether you run a dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinic or a hair salon, finding new clients for your health and beauty business is naturally one of your top priorities. Figuring out what advertising method works best is often a bit less clear. Standard marketing avenues such as television commercials, marketing e-mails and newspaper ads all fall short for one or more reasons: commercials are muted or skipped altogether, bulk e-mails are filtered into a spam folder, and newspaper ads end up in the recycling bin. On the other hand, launching a direct mail campaign utilizing a high impact mailer has a number of advantages when it comes to reaching new customers. Here are three key ways that a high impact plastic postcard mailer can attract new clients for your health and beauty business.

By Helping Your Business Stand Out in a Sea of Competitors

As any long-time business owner in the health and beauty field knows, one of the biggest challenges in drawing in new clients is standing out from all of the other spas, salons and health and beauty clinics out there. That’s how a high impact plastic postcard mailer can help: with full-color graphics and high-quality paper, your plastic postcard mailer will immediately grab your prospective customers’ attention.

By Providing Your Prospective Clients with an Eye-Catching Offer

Once you’ve got your potential clients’ attention, what do you do with it? If you choose a plastic postcard mailer with pop-out gift cards, you can use this opportunity to provide them with something with real value that they’ll want to act on. With a thick, credit card-like feel, these gift cards are likely to spur prospective customers to become actual clients.

By Acting as an Visible Reminder of Your Business’ Services

Another feature of high impact mailers that makes them so perfect for health and beauty companies: a pop-out key fob. Particularly if you tie the key fob to a special offer or rewards program, your potential customers are likely to hang on to it–offering a constant reminder of your business’ services.

At Dynamicard, we’ve worked with many spas, salons and other businesses in the health and beauty industry to come up with a high impact mailer that produces real results. Our team of direct mail professionals has years of experience designing plastic postcard mailers for health and beauty companies, and we can help you achieve the highest returns on your valuable marketing dollars. Learn more about our complete range of direct mail services by contacting us today.