Despite the fact that most people are now checking their smartphones within five short minutes of waking up in the morning, direct mail printing services and related marketing efforts are stronger than ever. Part of this has to do with the uniqueness of the format, yes – but there’s actually a psychological explanation to this that is equally important that you’re definitely going to want to know more about.

The Art (and Power) of Direct Mail

Part of the reason why direct mail printing services are still so effective comes by way of how different they are in the modern era. A lot of this has to do with the reality factor, which is something that most other marketing opportunities will never possess by design.

Something like a plastic postcard mailer is so effective because it’s different. It’s not an email – it’s something that exists in real life. You can touch it. You can hold it in your hands. You can pin it up to your refrigerator or give it to a friend if you’re really impressed. Receiving mail, along with the physical act of handling it, is a deep and intuitive part of the human experience and it’s also something that most people are cut off from more and more each day by way of their digital lives.

How many times throughout your day do you encounter something with legitimate weight, dimension and substance? The answer is probably “not very,” which is precisely why direct mail printing services are here to stay.

Sending out physical materials to your direct mail lists therefore puts you at a significant advantage almost immediately, which you can then extend even further when people actually experience the message when they move beyond the delivery mechanism.

Another one of the true strengths of elements like direct mail postcards comes down to the higher level of personalization that it offers. Direct mail makes it much easier for companies to target customers on a 1:1 level, something that itself is proven to increase response rates up to 50% (or more in some cases) depending on the customer. Print customization simply requires more effort (although not much more) than digital personalization – something that your audience can feel and appreciate and will reward you for.

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