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Effective Postcard Marketing Techniques For Your Salon or Spa image

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business can survive if customers don’t know it exists. A strong marketing strategy is therefore an important part of growing your local customer base, and there are several options to explore, both online and in the real world. This is when you should consider postcard marketing. When you promote your salon or spa business directly through direct mail you are increasing your opportunities to generate leads as well as bring past customers to return. Here are a few effective postcard marketing techniques to try: Incredible graphicsPostcards are a visual medium, so the images you use are an important part of catching a recipient’s attention in order to deliver your message. Salons and spas, in particular, can make a good impression through beautiful ...

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Why your clients love Direct Mail Marketing image

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Email and social media are typically the first thought that pops into people's head when they think about marketing. But you might be fooled into thinking that traditional posts like direct mailers has lost its touch. Sure, an email is convenient, quick to send, and free, but there’s nothing quite like the thought which goes into sending snail mail, and clients are first to appreciate this extra effort. WHY SNAIL MAIL MARKETING? Did you know that Google actually mailed out Adwords vouchers in the mail because even they have come to realize something – snail mail gets read. Consumers actually open direct mail, and this likely due to them receiving such little post these days that receiving real mail gets us ...

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Direct Mail Ideas for Salons and Spas image


Gone are the days of mass junk mail. Today’s savvy salons use mail to build relationships, and not just sell. Your clients like to receive mail. It makes them feel special and it shows that you care. Get the most from your mail Avoid expensive volume mailings. Small is beautiful and the secret to this is to keep it targeted, personal and relevant. Here are some ways that direct mail can help you nurture your clients and build valuable long term relationships: Missing you Mail is an ideal way to get clients back into your salon. Direct mail is less intrusive than a text, and more distinctive than an email. Also you know it will reach the client. Just a simple mailer card with a ...

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Tips to Make Your Chiropractic Direct Mail Campaign A Success image

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There are several reasons why direct mail is a successful marketing channel for chiropractors. For one, print media like postcards have a greater emotional impact on consumers than digital advertisements do. Chiropractic has a largely emotional appeal for most patients; they want to return to the lifestyle they had before pain started getting in the way. Also, people tend to take their time when they consider visiting a chiropractor. They’ll keep a postcard with a coupon attached until they’re ready to pull the trigger, where as most other forms of advertising can’t be held onto like that. Here are some tips your direct marketing campaign: Focus on your Benefits: When you are writing the content for you mailer, the message is very ...

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Direct Mail Strategy For Your Practice image


A successful strategy for many chiropractors is to send direct mail to your patients and community. Direct mail has many advantages as it isn't too expensive and has a high ROI. We have provided some direct mail strategies that every chiropractor should consider: New Patient Marketing Strategy  Send mailers throughout the community: You can target very specific zip codes and neighborhoods with postcard offers for your clinic. You might catch prospective patients that are new to the area or weren't aware of your practice. Now the cost for this can be high as you don't have a specific target and are sending mailers out to a huge audience. You might risk sending them to people that are already patients or people not ...

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Why Your Franchise Restaurant Needs a Direct Mail Campaign image

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If you had the opportunity to increase the response rate of your multi-unit restaurant franchise's marketing campaign would you take it?  If you answered yes, then you need to try direct mail marketing. Even though digital outreach has continued to gain speed, there is still plenty of room and success for print-based marketing. Direct mail marketing being the front runner for print based marketing.  Whether you are preparing to launch a new advertising plan for your new or existing eatery or trying to feature a new menu item or special a direct mail campaign can generate some much-needed visibility and buzz for your business. We have provided you with some tips on starting a success direct mail marketing campaign.  Targeted Messages It is ...

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How To Generate Insurance Leads With Direct Mail image

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Did you know that direct mail requires 21 percent less cognitive effort than other forms of marketing? This means that messages are absorbed faster and require less of an effort from recipients, making direct mail a highly efficient way of engaging prospects. Brand recall is also 70 percent higher for those who received direct mail over those recipients who only saw advertisements on other platforms. If you’re an insurance agency that wants to succeed with your next direct mail campaign We have created this list to show you how our direct marketing insurance services can help. Here are four insurance related direct mail tips to help you take advantage of these trends and drive a strong response rate. Personalize your content ...

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Direct Marketing Tips To Drive Insurance Sales image

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If you’re an insurance agency that wants to succeed with your next direct mail campaign, Dynamicard has created a list to show you how direct marketing services can help your insurance company. We have provided you with some insurance related direct mail tips to help you take advantage of these trends and drive a strong response rate. Make Yourself Known Instead of waiting around for new clients to find you make yourself known. When someone needs a new insurance policy, it’s likely that they’ll go with a brand that they’ve heard of and interacted with in some way. That’s why agencies that actively and consistently market to their audiences have a competitive edge over the ones that rely solely on referrals. One of ...

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Top 10 Stats About Direct Mail Marketing image

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When it comes to direct mail marketing there are some statistics that highlight just how effective they can be. Despite what many professionals tend to believe, it’s still an effective way of promoting a business. Some of the more notable statistics include: Currently the response rate for direct mail is 4.9%. This is the highest it’s been in over a decade. Averaging a 15.1% response rate- letter-sized mail received the most responses The average cost per response with direct mail is $49.20. Direct mail ties with social media as the second most used medium, with 57% of people using it. A staggering 81% of survey respondents plan to maintain or increase their direct mail usage in the future. When making a purchasing decision, 76% of consumers trust ...

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6 Direct Mailing Campaign Ideas For Dentists image

Ideas for Dentists

Direct mail campaigns can be an effective way to reach prospective patients in your area. We have provided 6 campaign ideas on how to help you make the most out of a direct mail marketing campaign for your dentistry  1. Offer a Great Deal One of the most successful strategies when it comes to direct mail campaigns is to offer a discount. It is a good strategy to send prospective patients mailers with discounts for new patient exams, free cleanings, or other offers that are likely to appeal to your target market. To keep promotions from hitting your bottom line too heavily, consider offering discounts only with paid services. For example, you could offer free sealant with every new patient exam. If ...

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