There are several reasons why direct mail is a successful marketing channel for chiropractors. For one, print media like postcards have a greater emotional impact on consumers than digital advertisements do. Chiropractic has a largely emotional appeal for most patients; they want to return to the lifestyle they had before pain started getting in the way. Also, people tend to take their time when they consider visiting a chiropractor. They’ll keep a postcard with a coupon attached until they’re ready to pull the trigger, where as most other forms of advertising can’t be held onto like that.

Here are some tips your direct marketing campaign:

Focus on your Benefits:

When you are writing the content for you mailer, the message is very important. For one you want to shy away from the features of your practice and instead focus on the benefits that your clients get from using your services. This is where emotional persuasion comes into action. You will want to make sure that your mailer speaks to your target audience’s issues and tells them how their life will be better if they allow you to fix it.

You also want to keep everything simple when it comes to the message. Don’t overload the mailer with too much. Get your message across in a simple way. Too much information and too much going on can be more of a distraction than informative. 

Use your current patients’ info to create a mailing list.

Who you mail to is just as important as the content you put in your mailer. Start with your current and past customers. Many chiropractors have found success mailing postcards to past patients to get them back in.

If you’re looking to acquire new patients, use demographic info from your current and past patients to paint a picture of who your target customer is. The average location, age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, income, etc. of your patients will help you and your marketing agency build a list that hits the people who are most likely to buy.

Include an entry-level offer.

In order to add real value to your mailer then you should consider including an offer, otherwise it probably won’t get much response.

There are two options that are common in chiropractic direct mail marketing:
1. Offer a free exam and consultation
2. Offer an entry-level service (like massage or acupuncture) at a discount.

Whatever you can do to get them in the door will be worth it when they become a lifetime customer.

Be consistent.

Unfortunately, one mailer is never enough. To build brand recognition and convince prospects to convert, it takes time and consistency. We recommend mailing once a month for at least 4-6 months. You’ll get a steady stream of new patients for months to come because many will keep your mailer around until they’re ready to call, which could take a while.

Use these tips to create a chiropractic direct mail campaign that grows your practice!

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