Are your direct mail pieces checking all the boxes and hitting the targeted mark—every time?

Are you sure?

What if we told you there was a way they could be?


There is and we can prove it!

Attracting Leads in a Digital World Using Direct Mail Tactics

Marketing seems to be all about digital these days with websites, apps, and everything in-between. So what does that mean for direct mail? You can’t search, stream, browse, or scroll through a direct mail piece like you can with online ads—BUT—you can touch them, which is something you can’t do with online ads.

Why is that important?

Being able to physically touch a unique direct mail piece hits an emotional nerve and jump-starts the intrigue thought process.

A Mailbox Versus an Inbox Ad

Everything in the digital world flashes before us in the blink of an eye. So people get used to ignoring most of the online advertising they see. That doesn’t help anyone’s bottom line.

Even if your mailbox receives just as much junk mail as your inbox does spam mail. However, people process their mailbox mail and their inbox email differently.

What’s the first thing you do when you get your mail? You sort through it and throw out the junk mail… right? With one exception—the mail that catches your eye and piques your curiosity. Those pieces are read from top to bottom and carefully stored in a safe place until you have a chance to act on whatever action the sender was trying to get you to take… right?

OK, so what do you do when you go through your email inbox? If you’re like most people, you quickly and systematically delete, delete, delete, and you keep deleting until you’ve cleared your inbox, and what a great feeling an empty inbox is. Yes, we know the feeling well because we do the same thing.

But why is that?

Well, for starters, because there’s nothing other than words to grab your attention and make you want to hold on to any given email. This is because you can’t physically touch, feel, and realistically process words like you can a direct mail postcard you have in your hands.

And you can take your targeted direct mail campaigns a step further and skyrocket your response rate with plastic postcards. This unique collateral instantly piques a person’s interest and gives them something that feels like a credit card, and, therefore, plastic postcards are subliminally assigned a “something special” and “something of value” in the receiver’s mind.

The Added Bonus of Offline to Online Traffic When Using Direct Mail

The added bonus of using a unique direct mail piece is that you will not only receive a significant jump in your brick and mortar store traffic, but you will also see a significant jump in your online traffic as well. This is because people will take your engaging plastic postcard and place it on their desk as a reminder to look you up the next time they sit down at their computer. Or, use your plastic postcard as a reference as they grab their mobile phone while pulling up your website or downloading your app. Additionally, displaying an enticing deal with a redemption offer code on your collateral will greatly increase your prospects’ response. The end result is a jump in both your online and offline traffic.

A Natural Inclination for Print

Even though the digital landscape has all but taken over our world, humans are naturally inclined to see print as having more authority. Therefore, direct mail is a much more powerful form of advertising than anything else—including digital ads which are more likely to be perceived, at least initially, with distrust. Add to that a unique, plastic postcard that piques the curiosity of the reader and you have a no-fail winner. A winner that will bring you loads of targeted leads for months and sometimes even years to come. This is because people save plastic postcards versus throwing them away like they do coupons and other paper ads.

What’s Next?

If you would like more information about our plastic postcards and proprietary analytics software for skyrocketing your response rates quickly and effectively, please contact us today.