All business owners understand that an investment in advertising can pay dividends in increased customer traffic, but understanding the most effective places to allocate your marketing dollars can be difficult. With so many potential avenues for advertising, which should you choose? Ad blockers and spam filters, decreased newspaper readership and an increase in cord cutting all make online, newspaper and local television advertising less attractive–and then there’s direct mail marketing. Everyone checks their mail on a daily basis, ensuring that your marketing message ends up in the hands of your ideal prospective customer. What other benefits does direct mail marketing using a plastic postcard mailer present in helping you reach your potential customer base?


The majority of advertisements that your prospective customer base sees on a daily basis are highly impersonal–and thus easy to ignore. Engaging potential customers through personalized advertisements is a key step in converting a prospective customer into an existing one. Plastic postcard mailers allow you to speak directly to each individual prospect in a way that online advertisements, newspaper ads or television spots can’t. After all: when you see your name on a piece of mail, you pay attention.


One of the most difficult parts of advertising in the modern era is making sure that your message actually reaches your intended target. By this measure, plastic postcard mailers have a distinct advantage. Unlike e-mails, direct mail marketing cannot be caught in spam filters. Unlike television spots, they can’t be muted or fast-forwarded through. And unlike newspaper ads, they won’t be tossed unread into the recycling bin.


How many advertisements have your seen today? If you are the average American, the answer is thousands–but you probably only paid attention to about two percent of those messages. Television spots are over in 30 seconds, and newspaper ads are tossed out with the daily trash. Plastic postcard mailers, on the other hand, are durable and eye-catching, prompting prospective customers to keep–and use–your offers.

At Dynamicard, our direct mail marketing team has years of experience helping businesses achieve the best results in their own marketing campaigns. From helping you design your plastic postcard mailer to tracking your responses, our team can provide you with the complete range of direct mail marketing services needed to ensure that your business attains the highest ROI on your marketing dollars. To learn more about our offerings, please contact us for a free quote.