When it comes to your direct mail marketing efforts, you have two major choices to make: do you go with EDDM®, or do you go with a Targeted Direct Mail provider?

Each service has its own pros and cons, but generally speaking only one will probably meet your needs and exceed your expectations. As always, that choice is yours to make.

What is EDDM®, Anyway?

EDDM® is a great way for a lot of smaller brands in particular to save a couple of cents per piece on their mailing services – provided that they don’t mind spending a bit of extra time on the effort, that is. In terms of EDDM®’s affect on your own design services, most people don’t find it too restrictive when everything is said and done. However, it’s important to note that USPS’ own specifications for things like direct mail postcards do come with certain limitations.

For starters, there are limited sizes and formats for you to choose from. Once you send the mail pieces to the printer, they’ll be packed into bundles, and each will have its own unique packing slip that you will then apply to the collateral and, once you pay for your mailing permit, will then allow you to transport your items to the post office for delivery.

But the most important to note is that EDDM® is only compatible with saturation delivery (meaning it’s only based on geographic location). Options like demographic targeting for your unique mailing lists aren’t available beyond that.

But if none of those sound like an issue, there’s a lot to like about EDDM®.

The Power of Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted Direct Mail, on the other hand, is often ideal for people who want to spend less time on marketing and more time on operating their business. The “marketing” side of the equation can be left to turnkey services providers like Dynamicard who will sit down and help you come up with the right strategy and the dedicated marketing content you need to really strike a chord with your audience.

Targeted Direct Mail often allows you to select from prospects mailing lists that can be separated by demographic and geographic data, or whatever else you happen to choose. It also offers a much faster turnaround time than doing things on your own, all things considered.

To find out more information about the differences between EDDM® and Targeted Direct Mail, or to get innovative and thought provoking new ideas about how to take your targeted mailing efforts to the next level, please don’t delay – contact us today.