Casino marketing is a bit different from nearly any other type of marketing that you can think of for a very interesting reason that far too many people don’t pay enough attention to. Unlike other industries, you’re not just trying to raise awareness or create interest in your audience – your customers are already more active than most. Instead, one of your top priorities involves maximizing player participation, which is where the right casino advertising technique can absolutely come in handy.

The Power of Direct Mail for Casino Marketing

Getting people into your casino is easy – getting them to stay there is hard. The types of games offered in casinos and at similar types of venues are incredibly emotional by their very nature – you’re playing directly into the adrenalin someone feels when they’re up at the tables and it feels like everything is going their way.

The emotional, personal response initiated by direct mail techniques like a plastic postcard mailer therefore becomes one of the best opportunities you have to use this technique to your advantage.

Consider the fact that according to one recent study, a massive 72% of gamblers still prefer to receive correspondence by direct mail. Also remember that according to the same study, 42% of people who walk into a casino say that they budget at least $100 per day on their favorite hobby.

By sending out a well-timed plastic postcard mailer, you’re doing more than just reminding people that you’re out there. By leveraging the type of data you already have about how often people visit and exactly what they do, you can execute a finely crafted print trigger marketing program that is custom build for specific members of your audience.

If you know that it’s been awhile since someone has visited and you want to do whatever you can to push them over the fence, so to speak, you could even send them an offer for a hotel stay or a free dinner at a particular restaurant – all as a way to increase engagement and “sweeten the pot,” so to speak. Marketers who tried these types of trigger marketing tactics in 2013 saw an average of a 50% improvement in response rates, which goes a long way towards explaining why this is one casino marketing trend that has been picking up a great deal of steam over the last few years alone.

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