According to one recent study, the average car buyer usually spends between one and three months shopping and researching before making a new or used car purchase. Likewise, “walking in” remains the most common form of initial contact between car dealerships and more than half of prospective buyers – something that has always been, and will likely always be, true.

So how do you connect these two increasingly important points? Simple – you make the most out of every opportunity you have to interact with these prospective buyers, leveraging the full power of techniques like automotive marketing postcards to your advantage.

The Impact of the Plastic Postcard Mailer

Especially in terms of automotive marketing, print collateral like automotive marketing postcards bring with them a wide range of benefits that are too important to ignore. Again, statistics like the ones outlined above show that consumers tend to do a significant amount of research before making a purchase – almost more than they would with any other type of product, good or service.

With the right automotive marketing campaign focused on areas like awareness and education, you can actually help them throughout this time by giving them easy access to the information they need to make the best decision possible. Create collateral that focuses less on vehicle technical specifications and more on value – really outline how a particular model can make their life easier and safer or fit into their lifestyle. Focus not just on what a new car model can do, but what it can do for them. 

Likewise, never forget one of the major benefits of print marketing collateral in terms of auto buyers: the fact that it’s tangible in the first place. Automotive marketing postcards are real. People can hold them in their hands, share them with others and save them for later.

Buyers are going to do a lot of research on the Internet, yes – but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available to you. Someone could easily lose track of a bookmark among hundreds, but you’d better believe that they’ll hang onto that particularly helpful postcard that they got in the mail until it’s time to walk onto the lot.

Print items like these act as both a way to help prospective buyers with their research AND instantly separate you from your competitors – the importance of which is simply too powerful to ignore.

If you have any additional questions about automotive marketing postcards, or if you’d just like to find out how plastic postcard mailers can help your campaigns perform, please don’t delay – contact us today.