Whether your business is brand new or entering its twentieth year, an effective advertising campaign is necessary to ensure continued success and to generate new business–but how can you know if your marketing efforts are successful? Choosing a marketing strategy can feel like gambling; is your television commercial catchy enough to hold your prospective customers’ attention, or is the subject line of your e-mail marketing blast eye-catching enough? One marketing strategy stands out from the rest in terms of performance tracking: direct mail marketing. With direct mail postcards combined with direct marketing performance tracking, your business can craft an effective marketing message and guarantee that it is being heard.

So why exactly is direct marketing performance tracking so important?

Performance tracking can reveal which segments respond to your business’ offers.

Quick: who’s your ideal customer? No matter what goods or services your business offers, there’s a set of demographic characteristics–age, income level, homeownership status and more–that define your target clientele. By tracking who responds to your marketing offers, you can easily see which demographic groups are interested in your business, helping to save you valuable marketing dollars moving forward.

Analyzing your customers’ response can highlight which marketing offers are most successful.

Of course, understanding what offers are most attractive to potential customers is as important as knowing who your ideal customer is. Direct mail analytics can reveal which of your marketing offers are acted upon and which are ignored, helping you understand how best to tailor your efforts for maximum effectiveness.

Effective tracking can reveal which combination of demographics and offer leads to the highest returns.

Ultimately, the right offer paired with the right buyer is the key to marketing success. Direct mail performance tracking can help you understand this vital piece of information–and understanding what combination of target customer and offer produces the best results can help your business achieve the best return on its advertising dollars.

How DynamiScan Tracking and Analytics Can Help Your Business

The direct mail team at Dynamicard knows exactly how important it is to receive quick and detailed feedback on your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Our DynamiScan service is aimed at helping our clients accurately and seamlessly track their prospective customers’ responses to their plastic postcard mailer, including highlighting which demographic groups became customers–and which did not–and which offers were enticing to which customers. Combined with our plastic postcard mailer design services and our tailored direct marketing lists, Dynamicard is positioned to help your business’ advertising campaign succeed in a way that other direct mail marketing companies cannot. Contact us today to learn more about our entire range of direct mail services.