In order to be successful, the marketing campaign for a timeshare needs to generate promising leads–and often the roadblock to producing enough valuable leads is getting a prospective customer to pay attention to your offer. Many advertising methods fall short by this measuWhy Postcard Mailer with Removable Gift Cards are So Effective for Timeshare Lead Generationre, with marketing e-mail blasts getting lost to spam filters, advertisements in magazines getting flipped quickly past, and television commercials muted or skipped altogether. On the other hand, direct mail marketing offers one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate timeshare leads: by including a gift card with your plastic postcard mailer. Such postcard mailers with gift card pop-outs are highly effective at timeshare lead generation in three keys ways.

Promotional gift cards capture a potential lead’s interest quickly.

Ultimately, any piece of marketing is only effective if it captures the recipients interest quickly and fully. After all, the individuals you are aiming your advertising at can only become leads if they actually read what you’re offering. That’s why a plastic postcard mailer with a removable gift card is so effective; particularly when printed on thick, glossy paper, gift cards signal value–something everyone will sit up and take notice of.

A postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs offers your prospective customers something of value.

That removable gift cards provide prospective leads with something of value doesn’t just mean that they’ll pay attention to your marketing message. By including a gift card along with your postcard mailer, you make your target audience more likely to view your timeshare favorably, giving you an important edge in goodwill.

Removable gift cards provide a durable and lasting reminder of your timeshare.

The problem with many forms of advertising is that they’re transient; even if a magazine ad momentarily captures a reader’s attention, it’s likely forgotten the second the page is turned. With a plastic postcard mailer with gift-card pop-outs, however, your potential leads are more likely to hang on to this valuable offer–and thus keep a reminder of your timeshare close at hand, increasing the chances that they’ll act on your offer.

At Dynamicard, our direct mail team has a long and successful track record creating plastic postcard mailers with removable gift cards. We are able to work with you to design a direct mail postcard that effectively incorporates up to three gift cards with a variety of special features, including magnetic stripes, bar codes, scratch-off coating and more. To find out more about how Dynamicard’s range of direct mail products and services can help you with timeshare lead generation, please contact us today to learn more.