Thanks to its ability to capture and hold a potential customer’s interest, direct mail marketing utilizing a plastic postcard mailer is one of the most effective forms of advertising available. Of course, like any advertising campaign, you must aim your marketing message at the right customers in order to generate new businesses. What can you do if you know everything about your target customers–except their contact information?

A direct mail list company can help you craft a targeted mailing list using databases of prospective customers categorized by their interests, demographics, shopping habits and more. But what should you consider when choosing between direct mail list companies?

The Range of Data Available

When crafting a prospective mailing list for your direct mail postcards, you may be surprised at how specific you can target potential customers. Being able to filter for age, education level, income and home-ownership may not be surprising–but what about refining based on whether or not the potential customer buys antiques or has diabetes? Looking for a direct mail list company that offers this level of data can help ensure that your mailing list is as targeted as possible.

The Level of Customer Service Offered

You may have a clear idea of who your customer is based on age, income level, shopping habits and so on–or you may have no idea who you should be targeting when trying to generate new business. In either case, you want a direct mail list company with responsive customer service that can help you quickly and easily build an effective mailing list. Look for companies that offer one-on-one communication with a representative as well as providing frequent process updates.

The Additional Direct Mail Services Provided

Of course, building a targeted mailing list is only one piece of a direct mail marketing campaign; you’ll also need to design an attention-grabbing plastic postcard mailer, send it out, and track the response to your offer to ensure its effectiveness. Choosing a direct mail company that can provide these services in addition to helping you build a targeted prospects list can help you save time and money–and help you avoid headache.

At DynamiCard, we can help your business with your direct mail advertising campaign at every step: from helping design your plastic postcard mailer to assisting in the creation of a targeted mailing list to providing detailed tracking of your customer response. Our skilled team of direct mail experts has experience crafting effective direct mail postcard campaigns for businesses of all types. To learn more about how our services can benefit you, please contact us today to speak with a customer representative.