Gone are the days of mass junk mail. Today’s savvy salons use mail to build relationships, and not just sell. Your clients like to receive mail. It makes them feel special and it shows that you care.

Get the most from your mail

Avoid expensive volume mailings. Small is beautiful and the secret to this is to keep it targeted, personal and relevant.

Here are some ways that direct mail can help you nurture your clients and build valuable long term relationships:

Missing you

Mail is an ideal way to get clients back into your salon. Direct mail is less intrusive than a text, and more distinctive than an email. Also you know it will reach the client.

Just a simple mailer card with a limited time offer and a ‘book now’ message should be enough. Be generous with your discount. You might be thinking why, I just invested all this money into the postage and print, and now I need to make that money back. Well that is exactly the reason, you just invested all this money into postage and print. Don’t squander this opportunity by being tight-fisted with your offer. If your client hasn’t been back for six months, then it will take a juicy incentive to motivate them to pick up the phone and book again.

Many happy returns

Sending out personal touches like a birthday card with direct mail marketing is both simple and effective. You are telling your client “you’re important to us”. Add a personal touch with bespoke greeting cards designed and printed for your salon this will also be cheaper than bulk-buying them from a shop. You might even include a birthday girl/boy gift, that offers a pampering treatment for their next visit. You might want to avoid discounts here and look at ways to up-sell your salon services instead.

Grow your salon

You’ve worked hard to attract a new client, wowed them with your salon experience, and then sent them out of the door feeling fantastic. Now make sure you carry on building that relationship and turn them into that marketing pot of gold – a loyal client. Direct mail is the perfect next step.

If they haven’t re-booked after say 6/8 weeks pop a card in the mail with an appealing offer for their second visit. Use their name, always hand write the envelope and add a personal note for maximum effect.

Measure and measure again

One final tip – remember to monitor the results. This is a crucial step to calculating the success of your direct marketing and the return on your investment. An easy method is to include a promotional code in your offer which clients must mention to enjoy the special prices.

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At Dynamicard create professional-looking mailers, complete with your own logo. We feature high-value content to get the best reach possible for prospective clients. Our mailers are fully customizable and allow you to connect with your community. This customization makes our mailers even more informative and effective. The possibilities are endless! Mailers can advertise new membership services, provide coupons or even show off new facilities! Direct Mail Marketing is a powerful way to build and maintain your client base.
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