The warm summer weather is almost upon us yet again, which can mean only one thing: the busy season is about to kick into high gear for landscapers across the country. If you had to make a list of all the things that were difficult about seasonal marketing, timing would be right at the top. As a landscaper, you can’t wait until warm weather arrives before you start your next campaign. You need to catch people while they’re still only thinking about summer – getting into their heads early so you can stay there from May to August, and beyond.

The Art of Seasonal Marketing for Landscapers

To make the most out of your direct mail campaign this summer, start by targeting prospects selectively for the highest quality leads possible. Your database probably has a plethora of names in it already – certainly more than you know what to do with. But what sense does it make to spend money on something like a plastic postcard to send to someone who lives in an apartment? It doesn’t.

Instead, craft a message and deliver it to only the people who are most likely to be interested in your unique blend of services in the first place. You can never narrow things down too far. If you want to target people in a specific geographic area over a certain income level, you should absolutely do so. Just make sure that your messaging – and the collateral that it comes with – is tailored to that audience.

In that specific situation, something more sophisticated would absolutely be in order. If you were going after a lower income level, something that appeals to a broader audience would probably do.

The key thing to understand is that once you’ve narrowed down your list to those specific, highly qualified landscaping clients, you need to make sure your messaging is ready to carry your campaign the rest of the way. You can’t get the right message in front of the right person at the right time if you ignore WHO you’re talking to in the first place.

Provided that you keep all of this in mind, the summer will be a busy season for your landscaping business indeed.

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