Despite the rise of technology and smart devices direct mail has still seen success. But what if you decided to incorporate technology into your automotive direct mail? Does this sound like an oxymoron? Because it kind of it but it is also very successful. This innovative form of direct marketing can help to increase your brand awareness by leaving lasting, positive experiences between you and your client. These interactive and personalized programs make your clients more likely to think of you the next time it comes to anything automotive.

Just like with our direct mail solutions, there are several types of interactive programs you can utilize:

OR Codes

QR code stands for Quick Response codes. These codes are made up of black and white designs that when scanned with a smartphone can direct your client to website.

QR codes can make interactive programs simple. QR codes can be printed on nearly any type of direct marketing, making this a versatile yet easy way for your clients to interact with your dealership. Want to send out more information about an upcoming sale or discount? When they scan this code, they can be redirected to another screen, allowing them to get extra information.

Overall, QR codes help instill the idea that your dealership works overtime to provide the most streamlined experience possible.

Customer Surveys

Sending out customer surveys are a fast and easy way to get an idea of what your clients think about your dealership. Utilizing QR codes are a great way to send out customer surveys.

When you send out information to your clients with a customer survey code, they can use their smartphone to instantly access the survey without the need to type in a URL. This way, your clients are more likely to take the survey right away, providing you with the feedback you need even faster.


Offering contests to clients is another way you can use QR codes for interactive marketing. Imagine sending out a direct mailer that direct your clients to scan the code to enter your contest. Not only will you find a higher business interaction during a contest, but the use of a QR code makes it possible for your clients to scan and immediately enter.

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