The simple answer is No- but if we don’t take advantage of the data and digital marketing technologies that have been developed over the last two decades, it could become an afterthought.

Direct-mail marketing is more than catalogs, postcards and mass mailings. The reality is so much different today. Data-driven approaches have transformed direct-mail marketing and given it many of the opportunities that have powered digital marketing. Sadly too many direct-mail marketers aren’t using the strategies and tools available to us to build our company value, enter new markets and give customers a well-rounded experience.

We need to use direct marketing strategically, consider the interests of both our customers and our companies, and rely on technology to create the best mailbox experience.

Here’s what we as direct-mail marketers need to do to keep direct mail lucrative and successful:

Focus On Strategy Over Tactics:

This is one of the most important marketing lessons you can learn, but it’s one that’s easy to overlook.

Strategy is your marketing program’s “why.” It’s your plan for how direct mail will help you achieve your business marketing objectives.

Tactics are easy. “Let’s send a postcard!” is a tactic — not a strategy. What part of your strategy will that card carry out?

Put Marketing Back Into Direct-Mail Marketing:

This means we should use what we know about good marketing to guide our decisions in how we use direct mail to communicate with customers, build our brands and break into new markets.

Channel propensity is another area to explore. A customer who no longer responds in one channel, like email, might prefer a strategically designed postal mailing. Or you can use one channel to send a message and reinforce it in another.

Create Relevant, Meaningful And Attention-Getting Messages:

You can open up a world of possibilities when you combine old-school (print) with new-school, cutting-edge data strategies. If you can turn each message of a mass-market campaign into a personal letter that goes far beyond mail-merging the recipient’s name and address into the message body. For example, the lawn-care company sent another mailing that referred to my location, reviewed my unique lawn attributes and recommended products. That’s what takes a postcard campaign from good to great.

While this isn’t appropriate for every campaign, of course. But when a message calls for deep personalization, the engagement these efforts bring can be worth it.

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