1. Include bonus items

Direct mail can be fun and multi-functional for the recipient. Everyone loves opening up their direct mail to find exciting little extras like a personalized calendar, notepads, or magnets. These kinds of items are both affordable and effective ways to catch the attention of your intended audience. If you are afraid that these items might just end up in the trash before they can be opened then you can hint to these extras on the outside with text like, “Free gift inside!” This ensures the small and lightweight gift creates enough of a lump to jumpstart your customers curiosities. Even if your motives are transparent to the savvy consumer, most will want to know what their gift is, and will be willing to open the envelope just to find out. This approach can help to increase the rate people open your envelope, which ultimately increases your chance of overall success.

2. Target the right people.

Just because a mailing list has worked in the past doesn’t mean it will continue to work. Using the same process for selecting recipients could lead to diminishing results. Don’t be afraid to test new markets and choose new types of recipients. If you’re not satisfied with your direct mail results, it could be as simple as sending them to a new segment or a more targeted audience. Be sure to make any necessary content changes to keep your messaging tailored and relevant.

3. Double your direct mailers as coupons.

Many customers will throw away your mailers after they’ve looked at them. However if your mailers double as coupons, then they hold a greater perceived value, and are less likely to be discarded.

If a new business only uses direct mail to announce its store opening, and only provides store information on the mailer, it is likely to be thrown away immediately. But, if that same business uses the opportunity to provide an offer, such as “buy one get one when you present this coupon”, the recipient will be much more likely to retain the mailer (even if its never redeemed).

4. Unique techniques can help you stand out.

If you want to peak the interest of consumers, you should try to be unique. Unique and personalized messaging can grab and hold the recipients attention long enough to make a positive impression. Instead of using standard-sized paper with black text on light-colored backgrounds, go for bolder colors or over-sized pieces. For example, a 6×9 postcard or a 8.5×11 flat will stand out over other direct mail pieces and even standard sized envelopes.

5. Include high quality images.

If you want an ineffective mailer then you should only include text-based content. However if you really want to grab the attention of your recipients, then you should include at least one large, high quality image in your direct mail advertising. Make one side of your postcard a large, single image, then on the other side, include more imagery to enhance the copy. Use high resolution photographs or graphics to provide a polished look for your brand. Low quality pixelated images are not only ineffective, but reflect poorly on your brand.

6. The most effective direct mail is interactive

The basic goal of your direct mail is to engage your recipients and inspire them to take an action. Scanning and discarding is the worst case scenario, and all efforts should be made to avoid this fate. Creating a design with great images and exciting text will grab peoples attention. Giving them a compelling reason to take action will drive real business results. Combine your direct marketing campaign with a powerful geofencing campaign to drive results.

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