To make sure you get a better conversion rate and ROI your direct mail needs to stand out and give the desire for the customer to take action.  Every part of your custom direct mail piece should follow what we feel are the best practices for direct mail design. These direct mail pieces should be

  1. Be attention grabbing
  2. Be engaging
  3. Create a desire
  4. Prompt action

Direct mail plastic postcard mailer design is all about creating that desire to prompt an action. The action of the consumer popping out the trackable card to bring to the consumer. This increases your chances of success and a good ROI, here are some direct mail design best practices to consider when planning your campaigns.


Your direct mail piece should stand out with your brand colors, bold text and an amazing offer.

Proper Images

You want images that support your campaign and provide clarification. You also want to make sure you are using professional quality images and the size of the file is large enough for a crisp, clean image. Small files may cause pixelation and blurriness. This is a major factor following best practices for direct mail design. 

Include Modern Graphics

Your Business should be represented with your brand logo while your social media should be represented with Facebook’s and Instagram’s logo. While our location should be represented with a Google Maps pin. These are just a few current trends that can make your plastic postcard mailer standout.

Data & Analytics

Accurate list data and trackable analytics provide you the capabilities of getting your message in front of the right people and being able to track their conversions.

Call to Action

You need a bold and exciting call to action. There should be no confusion. Give the consumer the feeling that they are getting something of value in return. 

 Dynamicard, Inc has built our business and reputation on being bold and different. We are a direct mail company specializing in plastic postcard mailers and results. Our plastic postcard mailers are unique and engaging and deliver your company results. Call us today for a free consultation!