Each dealership has different needs when it comes to marketing, thankfully there are several different types of automotive marketing that you can take advantage of. In order to help you learn more about which one of these automotive direct mail solutions are ideal for your dealership, let’s consider the different options:

Loan/Finance Promotions

Trying to target customers who are right for your dealership’s financing options? Well, loan/finance promotions are a perfect option for that. These direct mailers feature your business’s most equitable loan options that are best for customers of a certain income level or credit range.

You can easily target an audience that’s most likely to opt into your promotion by narrowing your mailing list down to recipients who fit a certain income and credit bracket, for example by targeting a certain credit score range, income range, or more. This way, you won’t waste time or money trying to engage with customers who may not participate in your financing options.

When you choose a loan/finance promotion you can rest assured you’re targeting the most accurate and updated prospective clients thanks to our Experian or Transunion lists which are updated on a weekly basis.

Loyalty Programs

Part of helping your dealership stand out from others is to provide your existing customers with plenty of loyalty perks that’ll keep them returning to your business time and time again. Fortunately, loyalty program direct mailers help your audience stay in-the-know about any promotions or events where they can earn some additional benefits of shopping at your dealership.

In addition, those loyalty events are a great way to draw attention to your business and encourage potential leads to become customers so that they can participate in loyalty promotions. At the end of the day, satisfied customers lead to more profit for your dealership.

Personal URL (PURL) Programs

Don’t forget to incorporate lots of personalization into your direct mailer. When a customer sees their own name included in a website address, research shows that they are twice as likely to visit the site. That’s why Personal URL (PURL) Programs are so important in engaging your targeted audience.

Not only does this direct mail technique provide your customers with a place where their information is stored, but the additional personalization helps them feel more catered to by your professionals. From short-term promotions to service reminders, and more, PURLs are great ways to entice your audience and lead to more conversions.

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