Any ad agency professional will tell you that innovation is always one of their top priorities. Those that don’t – who keep pumping out the same stock collateral time and again – often struggle to offer creative and effective marketing programs and vehicles to their own clients. Because being creative is one thing – actually driving the results that your clients need is something else entirely.

These days, both traditional AND digital media agencies often forget about marketing vehicles that perform just as well (or in many cases, better) than many that exist exclusively in the digital world. This is why, if you really want to innovate in terms of ad agency success, you need to look to materials like direct mail postcards and more.

Innovation in the Print-Based World

While it’s certainly true that digital marketing brings with it its fair share of advantages, direct mail marketing has ALWAYS been effective – and in truth, continues to outperform its digital counterparts on a regular basis. In fact, one recent study revealed that the average person’s brand recall directly after seeing a digital advertisement is just 44%. When you expose that person to the same message in the form of print materials like direct mail postcards, that number shoots up to 75%. Part of this has to do with the fact that people are being bombarded at all hours of the day by email after email, whereas direct mail offerings like plastic postcard mailers are much more of a unique experience.

But the key thing to understand is that this is a trend that shows absolutely no signs of reversing itself anytime soon, particularly as the world adopts stronger email and privacy restrictions that will only harm digital’s effectiveness, not help it.

In fact, agencies who are able to provide genuine sophistication in terms of both design and messaging for their clients can realistically expect to see a return on investment of between 300 and 400%. This is especially true when you use a unique, effective delivery mechanism like Dynamicard’s own plastic postcards.

Along the same lines, many people don’t realize that the use of analytics in the print world actually rivals most tracking options available for digital campaigns. This means that in addition to using a technique that is itself naturally effective, clients will also have access to an impressive granularity of data to build, curate and maintain amazing marketing lists of both prospects and existing clients.

Based on all of this, it’s easy to see why ad agency innovation is happening largely in the print space these days. When this type of direct mail advertising campaign is properly integrated with digital campaigns, both adoption and response rates go through the roof – just like they always have and likely always will.

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