1. Use Your House Lists for a Campaign

It may sound like a no-brainer, but sending holiday mail to your current customers and clients will increase the ROI of your mailing.

Your house list is a list of all the customers that have purchased from you and all the clients you have worked with. It is always a great idea to send a mailing to new prospects to build your customer list. However, a customer that is familiar with your work – and has had a positive experience with your brand – is much more likely to purchase from you again.

Trust is a huge incentive for buying, especially during the holiday season. When there are so many options vying for customers’ attention, sending a reminder that is tangible and personalized will make your brand stand out in their minds.

Remind your customers that your products or services are available with a holiday direct mail offering. Odds are you’ll get a much higher response rate, and get a solid return on your investment.

2. Reward Your Loyal Customers & Clients

Show genuine customer appreciation during this holiday season. People go where they feel they are appreciated, so why not go the extra mile and offer a special reward to your most loyal customers. It’s a much better investment than trying to source new customers in the middle of the busiest time of the year. 

You can reward your customers and clients however you want. It can be as simple a gesture as offering a 10% discount on their order, or as personalized as sending a customized promo gift. 

You can send your offer via a postcard mailing with the option of coming in-store, or provide a QR code so customers can order online. 

Especially with the difficult year that 2020 has been, offering a touch of gratitude is a great way to build an even better customer relationship. With direct mail, you can get as personalized as you want! Add the customer’s name, as well as mention of past purchases or services.

3. Make It Easy to Purchase

This holiday season, many people are going to forgo shopping in-person due to safety precautions. Direct mail pieces are appealing to consumers because they are tactile, creating a multi-sensory experience. By offering a tangible communication, you’re adding another “touch” with your customers, leading them to purchase

Nowadays, consumers expect to have a seamless shopping experience. You can make your direct mail pieces as user-friendly as possible by adding a QR code, so consumers can go directly to your website or landing page to browse or act on an offer.

4. Send A Thanksgiving Card or Personal Holiday Card to Really Make an Impact

Sending a personal card to celebrate the time of thanksgiving is another great way to show gratitude for your clients, customers and even employees – without any expectations. 

Thanksgiving is not a key buying holiday, but it is a day leading to big sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By sending a low-stakes, personal Thanksgiving card to your customers or prospects, they’ll see you as genuine. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to set up your upcoming marketing messaging leading to the Christmas season. 

Thank your customers with a personalized mailing this Thanksgiving. If Thanksgiving doesn’t work for your timing, then sending a branded Holiday Card at the start of the season- with no offers or gimmicks – is also a great way to kick off the Holiday season.

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