Think about the last visual advertisement you remember; whatever product it was marketing, something in its design made you take notice of it. All successful direct mail campaigns have this one element in common: striking custom postcard graphic design. Whether your business sells used cars or greeting cards, capturing the attention of your target audience and getting them to hear your marketing message is significantly easier if your plastic postcard mailer has a strong, eye-catching design. Here are three reasons why it’s so important that you choose a custom postcard mailing service that offers in-house design capabilities.

Experienced designers understand what works–and what doesn’t.

It can be tempting to try to design your plastic postcard mailer yourself; after all, you know your business and your customers best, right? That may be true, but a graphic designer with experience working with hundreds of similar businesses is in a much better position to know what type of designs resonate with potential customers and which leave them feeling cold.

A custom postcard mailing service with in-house graphic designers can provide quick, reliable communication.

While letting a professional designer handle the actual design is a smart move, your understanding of your own business and clientele is a critical piece of the puzzle. Finding a custom postcard mailing service that utilizes in-house designers can help streamline communication, making it easier for your graphic designer to find the right design for your business.

Choosing one company that offers all of the direct mail services you need allows for better integration.

Finally, picking a direct mail company that offers it all–from graphic design services to mailing list creation and direct mail analytics–is crucial for ensuring the best results from your direct mail campaign. After all, the best design in the world can only be effective if it ends up being seen by the right set of potential customers.

At Dynamicard, our team of talented in-house designers can work with you to design a plastic postcard mailer that will make your custom postcard marketing campaign a success. However, we can do more than just design your mailer; from helping you craft a mailing list to tracking your customer response, our full-suite of direct mail services means that we can help keep your custom postcard mailing costs low as well as ensuring the success of your direct mail offers. To learn more about our product offerings, please contact us today.