Are you the owner of an HVAC business who would love to know how to set yourself up for success in the off-season?

Then look no further, because we have a solution that will absolutely knock your socks off!


You heard that right. And the best part is you won’t have to lift a finger to do it.

Want to know the secret?

Then keep reading, and we will give you three tips for off-season success and the one thing you can do that will set you up for success without ever having to lift a finger.

Three Fail-Proof Seasonal Marketing Tips for HVAC Businesses

1. Offer Complementary Services

You should always offer complementary services.

For example:

  • Vent cleaning, sanitizing, and purification services before turning the heater on for the first time before winter.
  • Plumbing services which are a year-round need.
  • Set up an automatic air filter service. This entails having your customer subscribe to automatically receive new filters every, one, two, or three months. This service is helpful because most people don’t remember when to change their filters, and when they do, they usually have to pull the old filters to see the sizes they need, etc. and this is a hassle. So anything you can do to make your customers’ lives easier will make you money!
  • Offer new blown-in insulation services for lower utility bills year-round.
  • New ventilation systems.
  • Whole-house air purification systems.

There are endless ways to add to the traditional lineup of HVAC services if you just put your mind to it and allow yourself to think outside of the box.

2. Develop a Creative Marketing Strategy

Think about different things you could do or offer that would boost your brand’s image. This could be anything. For example, advertise that you will donate “x” amount to a local charity for every service purchased in that month. Doing so will build your brand, help the community, and make you and your team feel good all at the same time! You could also start a rewards program or friends and family program where you allow for some kind of BOGO offer. Sponsor a winter carnival and hand out discounted coupons for use during the winter months. You could also advertise your automatic air filter delivery service at the same time.

3. Build a Mailing List and Nurture It

Having a base of customers and potential customers will go a long way in making you successful. Offer your mailing list helpful tips, educational videos, preferred customer discounts, coupons, and anything else your customers would find valuable and appreciate. If you do this, you will build customer goodwill and brand recognition. This is important because when a customer or potential customer needs HVAC services, who do you think will be the first company they think of? It will be yours because you are always first on their mind due to the valuable gifts and information you send them throughout the year.

But wait…that’s not all!

Now that you have that nurtured mailing list of customers and potential customers, there is one way to use that list to guarantee your off-season success!

OK, drum roll please…

The One Seasonal Marketing Technique That Guarantees Success!

Let’s cut to the chase because we know you can’t wait to see what we have up our sleeves… right?

Well, here it is!

Direct mail! Now before you get all bent out of shape because you probably already use direct mail marketing—we use it with a twist that will guarantee success.

And that is…

Plastic postcards!

But not just any old plastic postcards. We’re talking about plastic postcards that have gift card pop-outs.

The first thing people do when they receive a plastic postcard with a gift card pop-out is remove that special offer and put it in a safe place for future redemption. Along with a well-timed expiration date, this method works great year-round, and it’s something your clientele will truly appreciate.

So there you have it! Plastic Postcards with Gift Card Pop-Outs… what a concept!

What’s Next?

Would you like to know how to get started with plastic postcards? Then Contact Us today. DynamiCard uses a propriety analytics-driven direct mail response system that will bring you an increase in traffic for months and even years to come.