Direct Mail Marketing is a great way to reach your target audience. They can be used to advertise a new product or event, generate leads, or simply keep in contact with your current customers. It is key to grab the attention of your target audience. In order to create a mailer that stands out here are some tips:

Stick to your brand: Your brand is your identity in the marketing world. It sets you aside from your competitors and should be consistent across all platforms – such as your website, marketing materials, and in-store appearance.

Keep it clean: Keep your flyer clean by knowing the topic you want to cover and sticking to it. You don’t want to bombard your reader with multiple topics.

Organized:  The main focus of the flyer should be at the top of your flyer and slowly work down the page. Using bulletins, lines, and shapes will make the flyer feel more organized.

White Space:  More is not always better. Having too much content or too many photos will make your flyer look cluttered and less visually appealing. Whitespace not only makes your flyer look clean and organized, but it also can direct the viewer’s eye to the correct information.

Utilize Color Contrast: Color plays a huge part in how information is presented. If you have a light blue background, you would want to stay away from lighter text as it is harder for a viewer to read. But if you went with a darker blue, the lighter text would really stand out. Keep in mind that shapes and lines can also have color contrast.

Use high-quality photos: When using photos in your flyer, ask yourself, “How will this impact my consumer?” Photos can evoke emotion and impact whether viewers will use your services or not. High-quality photos also play a huge role in the design. You don’t want one photo to consume your viewer’s time, so be sure the photo can lead them in a direction to your content. High-quality photos also make an impact on printing. Using a low-resolution photo can make the image pixelated and less appealing.

QR Codes:  It is likely you have your phone and/ or tablets an arm’s length away. QR codes are fantastic for instantly putting the information into a consumer’s hands.

If you’d like to find out even more about how effective “direct mail” is for your business, or if you have any additional questions about topics like graphic design or targeted mailing that you’d like to go over in a bit more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.