Despite the fact that there are so many other marketing channels out there, direct mail is still the biggest marketing opportunity for your retail business – whether you’re a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce business doesn’t actually matter. Collateral like direct mail postcards are tangible – people can hold them in their hands or pin them up on their refrigerator. Make no mistake, that’s the edge you need to truly make your retail Valentine’s Day marketing shine.

Taking Your Retail Valentine’s Marketing to a Whole New Level

Below are just a few of the many, many examples of things you can do to align your seasonal marketing efforts with your direct mail capabilities:

  • You can send out specific, Valentine’s Day themed promotions that both make it easy for people to buy gifts for those they love and that allow them to save a significant amount of money while they do it… provided that they’re buying from you, of course.
  • You could send out mailers that include gift ideas for every type of person in someone’s life. Remember that people want to spend money for Valentine’s Day, but they want it to be easy as possible to do so. By offering up gift ideas (like particular types of flowers or bouquets for florists or specific bracelet types for jewelry retailers) you’re checking both of these very critical boxes at the same time.
  • You can cross-sell and upsell all sorts of relevant products – a major boost to retail businesses across the board. Based on an item that you know someone purchased in the past, send a plastic postcard mailer with a coupon for an accessory that will help them make that experience even better. Or if you’re a clothing retailer and you know someone just bought a particular shirt, suggest the matching pair of pants.

Again, it doesn’t actually matter what type of retail business you’re running – Valentine’s Day is an opportunity that is far too important to overlook. By taking the time to know as much as you can about your customer’s purchasing trends and habits as possible, and then by aligning that information with the power that only direct mail brings to the table, everyone from jewelers to clothing retailers and beyond are sure to have a wonderful and successful Valentine’s Day season this year.

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