Generating promising leads is the core of any successful timeshare’s marketing campaign–but what is the best advertising method for drawing in potential customers for your timeshare? So many advertising methods exist, but they all seem to have drawbacks: marketing e-mails can be directed to spam, television commercials can be muted or fast-forwarded through, and impersonal newspaper and magazine advertising is so easily ignored in the digital age. Enter direct mail marketing. By utilizing a plastic postcard mailer, you have the ability to make a personal connection with your prospective customers, increasing your odds of converting that potential client into an actual one. Here are three key ways that direct mail marketing can help with timeshare lead generation.

By grabbing your audience’s attention immediately

Capturing your potential customer’s attention is at the core of timeshare lead generation–and what could be more attention-grabbing than a physical piece of mail personalized for each and every lead? By using a plastic postcard mailer complete with full-color printing and thick lamination, you’ll be able to ensure that your audience sees–and pays attention to–your message, maximizing your lead conversion.

By offering something with real value that’s difficult to ignore

Providing your prospective clients with something that holds actual value is one of the easiest ways to get them to want to learn more about what you’re offering; with a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs, this task is incredible simple. These thick promotional gift cards feel like actual credit cards, presenting your potential customers with something of worth that they won’t want to ignore–helping to get them in the door.

By allowing you to track and analyze your marketing results

Whatever the specific details of your timeshare, you’re certain to have an ideal customer profile, but how can you be certain that you’re only spending money to target those who are likely to become participants in your timeshare? Direct mail analytics can help. By clearly showing to you which prospective customers are responsive–and to which offers–you can tailor your direct mail marketing campaign accordingly, saving valuable advertising dollars.

Dynamicard’s team of direct mail experts has the experience and skill needed to make the most out of your plastic postcard mailer campaign. We have a long and successful track-record working with timeshare companies and know how to craft a postcard mailer that will bring in quality leads. To learn more about how our entire suite of direct mail services can benefit your timeshare marketing campaign, please contact us today to learn more.