So… you’ve just spent a boatload of money on a direct mail campaign.

What’s next?

Well, you certainly don’t want to sit around watching, waiting, and expecting droves of traffic to come through your doors or to your website.

OK, so what should I be doing instead?

Well, there are several things that should be included in your campaign strategy that will ensure all that money you spent is working for you.

Here are the six proven tactics for tracking the performance of your direct mail campaigns, and, the one thing you can do to virtually eliminate all the time and effort behind effectively analyzing all that data.


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6 Proven Tactics for Tracking the Performance of Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Here is what the pros do to build a customer database and boost their sales in no time flat. And, why each one of their direct mail campaigns produces more than the last.

1. Plastic Postcard Mailers with Gift Card Pop-Outs

Using plastic postcards with gift card pop-outs is like rolling out a direct mail campaign on steroids. Why? Because they look and feel like a credit card, are colorful, and don’t look like what most people perceive as typical junk mail. And remember, perception is everything! Additionally, gift card pop-outs are phenomenal when it comes to a winning direct mail campaign. This is because most people don’t perceive them as coupons and will easily pop-out the “gift card” offer and conveniently save it for future redemption. So using them will consistently bring you loads of traffic for months and sometimes even years to come.

2. A/B Testing

Yes, everyone has heard of A/B testing so that’s not really something groundbreaking when it comes to direct mail campaigns. But you would be surprised as to how many people don’t perform any tracking and analytics at all after spending all that money on a direct mail campaign.

Why you ask?

The most common reason is that it’s extremely time-consuming and requires solid analytic techniques in order to provide real-time actionable results. Therefore, many businesses just use the “spray and pray” technique, which is a terrible way to handle any marketing campaign.

3. Real-Time Response Analysis

If you want to be able to track and analyze your direct mail results the right way, you will need a proven system in place that offers a real-time response analysis. Why? Because if you don’t, you’re leaving loads of money on the table. More about that in a moment.

4. Tracking Software

Using tracking software is really the only way to properly analyze your direct mail campaigns. Why? Well, let’s say a customer presents your business with a gift card pop-out that you sent out in your last direct mail campaign. Your business scans the barcode that’s on that gift card. That information is then sent to the cloud where it’s analyzed and assimilated into real-time automated data reports.

5. Automated Reports

The automated data reports will then do all the A/B testing for you and you will be presented with real-time response rate and spend reports, as well as redemption by location reports, and more.

6. The One Thing That Will Virtually Eliminate All the Time and Effort Behind Effectively Analyzing Your Marketing Campaign Data

Using a company like DynamiCard to do all the hard work for you. Dynamicard uses proprietary analytics software that will automatically analyze your campaign results and provide you with 24/7 access to your real-time data on one easy to navigate dashboard.

What’s Next?

If you’d like to find out more information about how our real-time response analysis software will allow you to refine your future direct mail campaigns, while simultaneously building you a customer database that you can masterfully nurture and grow, please don’t delay – contact us today.