Here are some reasons why plastic postcards are a good idea for retailers:

#1. Plastic postcards are attractive and interactive

Impressing your prospective customers with your merchandise is important. Plastic postcards allow for full glossy color digital printing on the front and back that easily grabs the recipient’s attention and allows you to deliver more content such as special offers, discounts, and location and contact information. The die cut gift card size pop out allows the mail recipient to pop out your offer and put it in their wallets.

Just like a gift card, each time your customer opens their wallets they will see your offer and be reminded of your brand and the offer they received from you.

#2. Plastic postcards are durable

As a retail business owner, your direct mail materials depend on visual images to entice prospective customers into doing business with you. However, there’s a chance that your postcards might get damaged during delivery.

Plastic postcards are durable and water-resistant, and will withstand the harsh sorting process the USPS puts marketing mail through. Plastic postcards will show up in the mail box looking just as nice as they did when they came off the press. As you know first impressions are everything, and plastic postcards will give you the best shot at making a great first impression.

#3. Plastic postcards are rigid

Plastic postcards are ideal if you want to immediately stand out from your competitors. If you send paper mail, they can easily be tagged as junk. Plastic mailers, however, are rigid and weigh more than regular paper mail so not only do they quickly catch the eye, they easily fall out of the recipient’s mail stack making sure your ad gets noticed first.

#4. Plastic postcards are personal

Plastic cards are the perfect opportunity for retail companies to add a human touch to their promotional materials. Instead of sending generic mail, companies can take advantage of personalization to make audience impressions last.

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