Finding new clients as a real estate agent can feel like a struggle. Television commercials and newspaper advertisements cannot be targeted enough to be effective, and as ubiquitous as online marketing has become, it is frequently unreliable for drawing in new real estate clients. Indeed, almost three-quarters of all real estate agents are dissatisfied with the amount of leads that their websites generate.

On the other hand, direct mail marketing utilizing real estate marketing postcards can connect with potential clients like no other form of advertising. Here are three reasons why using a plastic postcard mailer in a direct mail campaign is such an effective real estate marketing strategy.

A plastic postcard mailer can connect with potential leads on a personal level.

Choosing a real estate agent is an extremely personal decision for any homeowner or would-be homeowner to make; after all, picking an agent requires placing a huge amount of trust in a relative stranger. That’s why direct mail marketing is so effective. Because a plastic postcard mailer can be highly personalized, it has the potential to capture your target client’s attention unlike any other form of marketing–and the individualized nature of direct mail can also help build trust and confidence.

With real estate marketing postcards, you can target your ideal client base directly.

While targeted marketing is important in every industry, real estate agents in particular need to be able to reach those prospective clients most in need of their services. With direct mail, this level of precision is possible thanks to tailored marketing lists. By helping you connect with those most likely to need your expertise, direct mail postcards can help maximize your real estate lead generation.

Direct mail marketing makes it possible to closely measure and analyze your response.

One of the key components of any marketing campaign is tracking and analyzing your prospective clients’ response to your marketing message. While many forms of advertising struggle with this, direct mail allows you to easily and quickly measure the results of your marketing campaign–allowing you to adjust and tailor your advertising message as needed.

At Dynamicard, our real estate marketing specialists have a long track record of helping realtors craft effective direct mail campaigns. From helping with plastic postcard mailer design to putting together a targeted mailing list that is capable of generating valuable real estate leads, our direct mail team is able to assist with all stages of the direct mail marketing process. To find out more about the entire range of services that we offer, please contact us today.