With the start of a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions–and just as you have personal goals, you likely have goals for your business as well. Are you looking to increase business this year, draw in new clientele and drive repeat traffic from your existing customer base? Of all forms of advertisement, direct mail postcards are among the most effective–and cost-effective–ways to capture your prospective customers’ attention. So how exactly can a direct mail advertising campaign utilizing a plastic postcard mailer help your business ring in success in the new year?

Direct mail marketing can be extremely targeted.

Whether you sell vitamins or perform auto tune-ups, you have a particular customer base that almost all your business comes from. The drawback of so many forms of advertising is that you have to pay to advertise to those outside of this customer base; after all, a television commercial or newspaper ad can’t be targeted towards just those likely to use your business. A direct mail campaign, however, can be finely tailored towards just those on your defined mailing list–saving you money and delivering more effective results.

Your marketing message can be highly personalized.

Before your marketing message can be successful, your target audience has to actually pay attention to it–and your success in capturing the attention of your potential customers is much higher if your marketing message is personalized to them. Unlike many other forms of advertisements, direct mail postcards are capable of being highly individualized, making your prospective clientele feel as though you are talking directly to them.

Measuring the results of a direct mail campaign is simple.

Ultimately, knowing how effective your advertising efforts are at generating new and repeat business is key to ensuring that your entire marketing campaign is as effective as possible. With direct mail analytics, you can closely track the results of your direct mail postcards, letting your business easily and quickly see which offers are successful and which aren’t–letting you perfectly tailor your marketing efforts to be as potent as possible.

At Dynamicard, our track record creating effective direct mail postcards for businesses of all kinds is unparalleled. Our skilled and experienced direct mail marketing team can assist you with all aspects of your marketing campaign, from design through analytics. Learn more about our entire suite of direct mail services and receive a free quote by contacting us today.