There are close to half a million landscaping professionals in the United States, and their ranks are expected to grow by more than three percent annually. This makes landscape a pretty lucrative industry, but also a very competitive one. In order to make sure your company is on top, the use of landscaping direct mail campaigns is a must.

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Direct Mail Keeps Your Landscaping Services Front and Center

The use of Direct mail harnesses human psychology and expected reactions in order to get you the brand recognition and leads you want. It’s no secret that the more times your company’s name is seen by people, then the more comfortable they get when associating your company with excellence, trustworthiness, and consideration.

When launching a consistent landscaping-focused direct mail campaign with DynamiCard, you will be sending a powerful, positive and regular message to possible customers: your landscaping business is the one to call for their needs.

Direct Mail for All Types of Landscaping Businesses

Does you landscaping business deal mostly with residential customers?Is your business pinpointed more toward commercial or governmental properties? Or do you have a niche service that you want to sell, such as working on landscaping in recreational facilities, amusement parks or cemeteries?

Whatever your goal, direct mail services from DynamiCard will help capture a bigger share of the landscaping market in your preferred geographic territory.

Some of our most-requested direct mail types include:

  • Bulk Mailings — These are mailings that will saturate a particular area or region. They are sent to everyone and can be good if you want to make a sudden splash.
  • Targeted Mailings — Targeted direct mail allows you to direct your focus on certain types of consumers or businesses. One huge benefit of targeted direct mailings is that they reach the exact people and audience that you want them to. Targeted direct mailings are sent out only to addresses with customers fitting your preferred demographics. You may be wanting to target all recent homebuyers who are likely to be interested in your services for their new home. Similarly, your might look for more mature homeowners who are unable to keep up with their landscaping needs.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) — EDDM is an economical way to get the word out about your landscaping business by giving your mail items in a bulk form to one postal carrier. The postal carrier then distributes the bulk mail on his or her route. If you want to saturate one neighborhood, EDDM may be the perfect fit.

Direct Mail Pieces Customized for You

Need direct mail pieces for your landscaping services? We have more than several designers on our team who can help to customize amazing direct mail items.

Landscaping Brochures in Several Options

Every landscaping business is unique, which is why we offer several options when it comes to our landscaping brochures.

  • Small Brochure (8.5″ × 10.5″) — This standard-sized brochure is perfect for direct mailing, and has just enough room for you to talk about your most-requested landscaping services, the benefits of working with your landscaping business and how to contact you.
  • Standard Brochure (10.5″ × 17″) — Have more to say about your landscaping business? Want to add beautiful images and more details? If so, a large brochure is the way to go! It’s bigger than our standard brochure, giving you lots of room to talk about your unique selling propositions.
  • Extra-Large Brochure (10.5″ × 21.5″) — The extra-large brochure is for the landscaping business that has plenty of services to offer, and wants to make the most out of their saturation mailings. When you work with our designers, we can share secrets of how to make sure you adequately maximize your extra-large brochure space to create a winning, irresistible design.

Postcards That Sell Your Services and Increase Interaction

Our postcards for landscaping professionals and businesses come in several sizes:

  • Oversized Postcard (5.5″ × 10.5″) — These postcards are slightly bigger than the average postcards people get in the mail. This means they’ll stand out among the other items in a mailbox. All oversized postcards are designed to get you maximum visibility.
  • Jumbo Postcard (8.5″ × 10.5″) — The jumbo postcard is significantly bigger than our oversized postcard, giving you valuable space to sell your services. You may also want to add a limited-time offer or incentive to your jumbo postcard to encourage faster responses.
  • New Mover Postcard (6″ × 9″) — New homeowners often seek landscaping advice and expertise. Make sure your company’s brand is the first they see by targeting new movers in your area with this attractive, full-colored postcard on substantial card stock.

In addition to our traditional postcards, Mail Shark offers landscaping special interactive postcards. These are postcards that enhance the interaction between prospective customers and your landscaping business.

  • Peel-a-Box Postcard — Want to make your offer for new landscaping customers seem irresistible? Add a peel-a-box element to your postcard. The peel-a-box sticker is removed by the postcard recipient and reveals a special discount, price, etc.
  • Oversized and Jumbo Scratch-Off Postcards — Have you ever received scratch-off postcards? They harness the same excitement that makes lottery tickets so appealing. Reward your potential customers by allowing them to scratch-off a portion of your postcard to reveal their unique code or discount.

If you’d like to find out more information about direct mailers for your lawn care or landscaping services, or if you have any additional questions you’d like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact us today.