Direct mail marketing holds incredible potential for generating successful leads for any timeshare business, but truly maximizing your timeshare lead generation requires that you target the right prospective customers. If you don’t know who your ideal timeshare lead is in terms of age, homeownership status, annual income and so on, you risk losing valuable marketing dollars sending your plastic postcard mailer to customers outside of your demographic profile–and you tend to miss out on reaching promising leads entirely. Direct mail analytics can provide you with invaluable guidance surrounding the right audience to target, helping your increase your timeshare lead generation effectiveness.

Create Focused Lead Profiles

Whether you are marketing a timeshare on the water in the Caribbean or nestled in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, your ideal lead will fit a particular profile. This profile narrows down the universe of potential targets based on age range, household income, travel habits, personal interests and more. Once you know who your ideal lead is, you can target your plastic postcard mailer more effectively, reducing the money wasted on sending marketing mailers to those outside of your lead profile and boosting your timeshare lead generation effectiveness.

Effectively Segment Your Audience

Even within your targeted lead profile, certain groups may be more responsive to different marketing offers. For example, families with young children and retirees may both fall within your ideal lead profile, but these two groups are likely to be interested in your timeshare for different reasons. By helping you effectively segment your target audience, direct mail analytics enables you to tailor your marketing campaign for each group and boost your lead generation results.

Track and Review Your Lead Response

Ultimately, understanding and evaluating the lead response to your plastic postcard mailer is critical for ensuring that your next direct mail campaign is even more successful. Through direct mail analytics, you can see which potential leads actually responded to your offers, helping you refine your lead profile and preventing you from wasting money sending multiple offers to the same leads.

Dynamicard has a long and successful track record of crafting effective direct mail campaigns targeted at boosting timeshare lead generation. From helping you create an engaging laminated postcard mailer to tracking your marketing campaign’s results, we can help your timeshare in its marketing efforts from start to finish. To find out more about our complete range of direct mail services, please contact us today.