Direct mail marketing has been shown to be among the most effective forms of advertisement time and time again, with response rates far exceeding those for online advertisements and mass e-mails. However, direct mail does share one thing in common with many other types of advertisement: the importance of design. After all, your plastic postcard mailer will only grab the attention of your target audience if it is visually engaging and immediately informative. Here are three features of Dynamicard’s plastic postcard mailer design services that can help you craft high impact mailers that can convert prospective customers into actual clients.

Experienced and Award-Winning Design Team

You know your business better than anyone else–but unless you are also an experienced graphic artist, communicating that knowledge to your potential customers via your plastic postcard mailer design can be difficult. That’s where Dynamicard comes in. Our design team is filled with award-winning graphic designers who have worked with a long list of businesses across industries. This combination of artistic and technical experience means that we can create a high impact mailer that effectively communicates your business’ brand and message.

Quick, Responsive and Reliable Communication

Even with a team of talented designers, your input is important to ensuring the strongest finished product. For this reason, Dynamicard maintains a strong line of communication with every client. You will be able to review mock ups and proofs to guarantee that the finished result meets your expectations. Need your order fast? Just talk to our representatives and we can work around your timeline.

Close Integration with a Complete Suite of Direct Mail Services

Of course, a strong and eye-catching plastic postcard mailer can only be effective if it ends up in front of the right customers–and helping you design your plastic postcard mailer is only the beginning at Dynamicard. From the initial planning through mailing list creation and direct mail tracking, our team can help you with every stage of an effective direct mail marketing campaign. This close integration of all direct mail-related services helps to ensure that each element of your business’ plastic postcard mailer campaign is as successful as possible.

At Dynamicard, our long track record of experience creating eye-catching high impact mailers can help to ensure that your business achieves the top results from your marketing efforts. Find out more about this complete suite of direct mail services by contacting us today.